Toy Review: Galactic Heroes Darth Vader & Emperor Palpatine

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There’s something about Darth Vader that just appeals to toy collections. His iconic design jumps out at you and is very memorable. Plus, he’s a much better bad guy than the Emperor. I mean what’s more awesome, a massive cyborg samurai or an old guy in a robe? So when I found this pack on clearance for just a few dollars years ago, I knew I had to have it. More than anything else, I just wanted a Heroes-styled Vader since I had never owned a figure of him before.

Much like his son, Darth Vader is a relic from the original Playskool days of the line. His proportions are more deformed than usually. But the first thing you notice is how big this figure is: he towers over most of the heroes. To accommodate for all of this extra bulk, Vader’s body is hollow.

Darth Vader has one other unique design choice, his cape is actual cloth. At this scale, cloth doesn’t tend to work properly and the character ends up looking a little odd. It doesn’t look nearly as good as the cloak that Dr. Doom gets to wear. Vader’s articulation is only his left and right shoulder. His neck doesn’t actually move, even though it looks like it should.

Vader’s right hand is clutching his lightsaber, while his left is pointing. The pointing seems odd since I’m not aware of any force-poking moves. It could have been a great chance to use an arm like looks like it’s grabbing, like Thor’s, for a force choke move. Vader’s paint is clean but hardcore fans may not find it the most accurate. His silver shoulder pads, maroon eyes and chest lights are all things I noticed as being slightly off. But the color helps break up the figure and make him more than just a chunk of black plastic. Plus his gloves are matte while his boots are glossy, making them look like different materials.

The other figure in this pack is a holographic version of Darth Sidious/ Emperor Palpatine. Cast in translucent blue plastic with some glitter mixed in, he doesn’t exactly look threatening. But he is just a representation of the Empire’s Gchat, so how threatening can he really look? While he’s all blue, there are some fantastic sculpting details in the figure. The face is covered in wrinkles with a grimacing mouth that is barely visible. Not only does the Emperor have sculpted finger nails, they’re elongated that really makes him look unnatural.

What sets the Emperor apart from most figures though is his pose. Being almost a solid piece of plastic, he’s only articulated at the right wrist but the rest of him is a single piece. Without being in the Heroes-squat, the Emperor is the same height at Darth Vader which makes him seem too tall by about a quarter of an inch.

A pack that includes two villains isn’t too shabby at all. Though I have to wonder how much play value the holographic Emperor has, but Darth Vader should make up for that. While Vader may look a little too cute for some, he’s a decent representation.

Written by jestergoblin

March 16th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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