Toy Review: Iron Man 2 Super Hero Squad Hi-Tech Showdown

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It seems that after beating Ivan “Whiplash” Vanko, Iron Man will be fighting a bunch of robots which means two things. A) Probably too many people thought it was weird that Iron Man killed so many people in the first movie and b) it will allow Iron Man to destroy things in awesome ways. But this pack seems to fill out the movie character roster.

The Stark Expo is thrown into chaos when Justin Hammer’s haywire drones begin attacking everything in sight. Luckily, Iron Man and his friend War Machine are there. Even though the drones outnumber them ten to one, the two Super Heroes are more than enough to handle them.

When this set was first revealed, a lot of people noticed how odd Iron Man looked. Now that I’ve spent the last day playing with these figures (for review purposes, of course), the Mark VI suit has a few issues. The Mark VI most resembles the current version of the Iron Man suit – red and yellow with a triangle chest piece. But whoever sculpted this figure wanted to represent one of Iron Man’s iconic poses: the fist punching the ground stance.

This pose looks good on promotional art, but when it comes to toys, the execution could use some more work. Iron Man looks kind of like he’s punching the ground in a very specific pose, but the rest of the time he looks like he’s trying to break dance. Though given how Spider-Man 3 turned out, can we really be surprised? It’s a good idea, but the execution just needs more work. The paint has a nice metallic sheen to it that makes Iron Man looks like he’s made out of metal, but the actual applications aren’t the best. His thighs seem to be a mishmash of coloring that ignores any lines set forth by the sculpt. Iron Man moves at the neck, arms and waist but pretty much all of it is rendered useless by the design.

War Machine is a massive figure, towering at over 3 inches. Taking a note from the recent Robot Heroes figures, War Machine is midflight. The action pose looks great but what really sets this figure apart is the sculpting. While the first War Machine movie figure was just a repaint of the Iron Man Mach III suit with a few extra guns, this one is a whole new design. Big and bulky but sill streamlined, it looks like a guy could be in the suit. The armor is intricately done and ever single piece of it screams almost Iron Man but not quite. The face is different and the arc reactor is a half circle while the limbs look bigger, like they’re more reinforced.

War Machine’s paint is also exceptional, the silver lines up perfectly with the sculpt and the blue details for his repulsors and eyes look fantastic but would be even better if they were red. He’s even got tiny details on his head, and has “AF 57” and “EO 445” on each shoulder, but I have no idea what those stand for but yo go re does. War Machine moves at the neck and arms.

The bad guy in the set is a HAMMER Drone, created by Justin Hammer, and not affiliated with H.A.M.M.E.R. The Drone looks like a mirror image of the Armor Drone with a different head and no chainsaw wrists. Much more angular than Iron Man, the Drone clearly lacks the polish and constant tinkering that Iron Man’s suits have, but it works. As a mass produced fighter, it’s about being effective not being pretty. The Drone’s face looks slightly more human looking, but the empty white eyes and lack of a mouth make you know it can’t be trusted.

The Hammer Drone paint is just dull gray and silver, but again, it works for the character. What doesn’t work is the fact that the robot is pointing with his right hand. I like my robots as de-anthropomorphized as possible, because as soon as they have any sense of personality, they become Battle Droids. The Hammer Drone moves at the arms.

As a three pack, it works really well for a movie-themed release. While Iron Man is a disappointment, I appreciate the fact that they at least tried to do something different. War Machine would be perfect if he had red eyes and the Hammer Drone isn’t bad at all. When paired with the Final Battle pack (which I don’t think is the final battle), it’s a great set of figures based on Iron Man 2.

Iron Man 2 Super Hero Squad Collection

Iron Man 2 – Armor Wars I
Iron Man, War Machine & Iron Monger
Iron Man 2 – Armor Wars Part 2
Iron Man, Iron Monger & Crimson Dynamo
Iron Man 2 – Armor Evolutions
Iron Man Mark I, Iron Man Mark II, & Iron Man Mark III
Iron Man 2 – Final Battle
Iron Man Mark V, Ivan “Whiplash” Vanko & Armor Drone
Iron Man 2 – Hi-Tech Showdown
Iron Man Mark VI, War Machine & HAMMER Drone

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