Toy Review: Batman the Brave and the Bold Action League – Black Lightning & Wildcat

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It’s always a rare treat when Mattel makes a two-pack in the action league line that not only includes two new figures, but also two brand new sculpts. So when the latest two-pack of Black Lightning and Wildcat came out, it’s great to get it and find out not only are both figures good, they’re great.

Black Lightning leads a team of teenage “Outsiders” on a malicious spree until Wildcat shows the rambunctious rogues a more productive way to make a difference.

While it sounds like Black Lightning is a Power Ranger reject being a teenager with attitude, he’s a good looking figure. Instead of being a spandex clad hero, Black Lightning has been given a redesign that takes the classic themes of his costume but applies them in a way that reminds me of the costumes in Smallville. Wearing a hoodie that would make Scarlet Spider proud, Black Lightning is decked out with a domino mask, blue hoodie and black pants. Not the most exciting outfit, but it works. After all, where is a teenager going to get a superhero costume?

Continuing the irrational theme of Mattel’s complete lack reuse in this line for new characters, all of the details on Black Lightning are sculpted. The lightning bolts running down his sleeves, the center pocket of his hoodie, even the treads on his sneakers are sculpted. Even his hand, which looks a lot like Dr. Fate’s, is brand new. But any good sculpt can be made better by good paint. In this case, all the lightning bolts are cleanly painted but the really impressive part is his face: sunken in his drawn up hood, his yellow eyes look amazing. Black Lightning only moves at the waist and shoulder.

The other hero in the pack is the mangy, old boxer known as Wildcat. A member of the Justice Society of America, Wildcat is a renowned boxer known for training several heroes of the DCU including Black Canary and Batman himself. Like Batman, Wildcat doesn’t have any superpowers (through he cryptically has nine lives, maybe). Being a big guy, Wildcat works well in the Action League style. His massive chest makes him feel almost twice as big as Black Lightning.

At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be much for details on Wildcat since he’s just cast in a bluish-purple hue. His hands are wrapped in bandages with spurs coming out of the wrists while his legs are made to look like paws with spurs in the back. Wildcat’s face is one of the few areas that actually is painted. His yellow eyes jump out from the purple mask, while his massive chin takes up half his head. The pink nose looks a little weird to me though, but I always thought of Wildcat as being pretty monochromatic. Like B’wana Beast, Wildcat has a single tooth coming out of his mouth. Wildcat moves at the standard four points: waist, neck and arms.

It’s a great getting a two-pack of two brand new characters. Black Lightning is visually stunning and looks great on a shelf, while Wildcat is a character I’ve enjoyed for years. Sure, if Black Lightning’s electricity blast was translucent and his head could rotate, he’d the best Action League figure released yet. But even without that, he’s still exceptional.

Batman the Brave and the Bold Action League Wave 4

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March 19th, 2010 at 12:03 am

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