Toy Review: Star Wars Galactic Heroes – Clone Trooper & Mace Windu

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I don’t have any real connection to the Star Wars prequels. Sure, I’ve seen each of the movies once – when they came out in theaters but for all the crap they get about being abominations, they’ve given collectors and kids some fantastic stuff. The best thing to get out of Episode 1 (besides the double-bladed lightsaber) was the pod racing game on the N64. But within the realm of toys, the prequels have some of the best character designs.

My favorite Jedi in the prequels has to be Samuel L. Jackson as Mace Windu. Once I took the plunge and began buying these little Galactic Heroes, I knew I needed an adorable version of the BAMF. The two-pack release is a repaint of the Mace Windu that came out with the Playskool Arena Adventure set, one of the first Galactic Heroes sets released.

Windu is wearing his Jedi robes and is posed in the iconic Galactic Heroes pose: arms raised out and legs squatting. Since Windu is a master of the Vaapad style, I would have liked a more dynamic sculpt that would make the figure more unique on a shelf. The sculpt isn’t bad, but the quality control is disappointing. Windu’s left arm is a mess of mold lines that really look off. His left hand was probably redone since it omits one of the line’s original action features: magnets.

As a way to display Jedi powers like Force Push, Galactic Heroes had magnets in their left hands so kids could have their Jedi automatically push away bad guys or interact with playsets. Since Windu is a rerelease, there was one other change done to Galactic Heroes. Most figures that had lightsabers got them recast in translucent plastic. So Windu is no longer wielding a pastel lightsaber, it’s now a vibrant purple that looks really good. His only point of articulation is his right wrist.

But while the plastic used for the lightsaber is excellent, the rest of the coloring on the figure is disappointing. While Jedi robes aren’t the most exciting outfit visually, Windu suffers more because he’s black. In his case, his boots are almost the identical shade of brown used for the skin. But Hasbro also took some shortcuts on the paint and didn’t bother painting where his legs meet his body; it’s just a dark section.

The other figure packed with Mace Windu is a lone Clone Trooper. This single solider seems to have been packed with Windu for a single reason: his armor has purple detailing. While Clone Troopers originally used color to designate rank, purple was never one of the colors. I’ve tried seeing if I can find any reference to purple ones, but this set seems to be the only one. The purple ones are member of the 187th Legion, led by Mace Windu himself – thanks to 7thCynic for figuring it out.

The Clone Trooper is a repaint of the clone trooper figure that comes in plenty of other colors. The sculpt is good with plenty of different elements, like armor plates, wrist communicators and the t-shaped visor. His gun also looks great and seems pretty accurate.

While the sculpt looks good, the paint on this figure is atrocious. Being a white figure means he’s prone to getting scuffed up but it also means any painting mistakes will be immediately visible. The purple paint is blurry and the whole figure looks like he’s covered in a fine purple mist. Another issue with the figure is that he doesn’t have any articulation.

Going into this two-pack, I was really only after Mace Windu. But the paint issues with both Windu and the Clone Trooper are really disappointing, especially with these packs being $8 each. For kids, it’s a good set though I wonder is two figures with purple details being bundled together was the best idea, even if they do fit thematically. For collectors, really check the paint before buying or just be ready to hide the Clone Trooper way in the back of your collection.

Written by jestergoblin

March 22nd, 2010 at 12:02 am

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