Review: Marvel Super Hero Squad – Captain America & Hawkeye

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I often refer to figures in the Super Hero Squad line like I’ve already reviewed them. So to keep myself sane and my girlfriend unaware of how much I actually spend on these adorable toys, I’ll be doing reviews of all the Super Hero Squad figures released! Today kicks off one of Marvel’s classic teams: the Avengers!

Captain America is the hero’s hero. Steve Rogers was a sickly boy who underwent secret experimental treatments that turned him into Captain America. Known for helping defeat the Nazis during World War II before being frozen solid only to come back and lead the Avengers, he’s the character everyone looks up to. Captain America has one of those iconic costume designs that hasn’t changed much since his creation, much like Spider-Man.

As one of the first figures released in the Super Hero Squad, Cap clearly has a strong influence from the line’s precursor, Galactic Heroes. He’s in a squatting stance equipped with his vibranium shield. The pose doesn’t seem right for Captain America. He’s a character who is always standing up straight and ready at attention, he is a solider after all. All of his suits details except for the A on his head are sculpted in, including the stripes on his chest, the chainmail design and the little wings on his head.

Captain America’s costume looks good, but the paint choices seem a little off. The blue used seems too light and the figure has his eyebrows painted on his mask under the giant A. This, combined with the fact that his face looks almost maniacally happy, makes him seem un-Cap-like. Cap’s articulation technically three points: waist and both arms but his large cuffs on his gloves inhibit his movement, while his shield interferes with his waist and balance.

While most heroes look up to Captain America, there has always been on who was willing to stand up to him when he was wrong: Clint Barton, better known as the purple archer, Hawkeye. A villain turned hero, Hawkeye was among the first new Avenger recruits along with Magneto’s children Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.

Hawkeye marks the first major departure from the classic Heroes style. Instead of having the same pose as Captain America, Hawkeye takes a dynamic pose. His bow is drawn and notched with an arrow. Clint’s got a great smirk on his face, and thankfully has his eyebrows under his mask.

The colors used for Hawkeye’s costume are fantastic. I’ve always preferred the dark purple to the more maroon color he often is portrayed in. The costume design is simple but well done. Hawkeye’s bow and quiver are an orangey-brown, which isn’t bad but it would look better in black or purple. The color of the skin seems too pale. Hawkeye’s articulation is the waist and arms, but his arms can barely move.

While this Captain America sculpt has been released multiple times, this is the only time Hawkeye has been released so far. Captain America isn’t bad, Hawkeye is a fine looking figure and this pack is a great place to start assembling your Avengers team.

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March 24th, 2010 at 12:02 am

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