Review: Batman the Brave and the Bold Action League – Batman & Scarecrow

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These tiny heroes are addicting! While I don’t watch the cartoon these toys are based on, there’s something alluring about these guys. But I think I know what makes me love these figures so much: they look like they belong in The New Frontier!

The fear-gas dispensing Scarecrow has a plan to paralyze the city. Batman has a problem with this.

Batman is a repack of the first Action League figure I ever got. Bruce is armed with his batarang. He’s identical to the figure that came out with Rex Mason the Elemental Man who totally isn’t Metamorpho when he’s a toy and the single pack version. This makes him almost identical to the Batman that was packed with the Top or the other single release. He’s not terribly exciting, but if you don’t own him – he’s one of the best Batman figures in the line.

Batman should move at the neck, waist and arms but the version I got suffers from the same issue as the version I got with Red Tornado. Batman’s neck is jutting out and his head is incapable of rotating. So check the figure before buying!

The badguy in this set (that Batman has a problem with) is Jonathan Crane – better known as the Scarecrow! Scarecrow looks unlike anything else released so far in the line. His spindly limbs and thin body make him look almost inhuman. Scarecrow is colored in browns, which works great for the character.

Scarecrow’s hat covers half his face and is at a slant. His hunched back and clawed hands just make the figure look even more inhuman. What really makes the figure though is his articulation, he has four points. His waist rotates and his shoulders swivel but go left to right instead of up and down. His neck is the same way, allowing Scarecrow to twist his head to the left and right.

While Batman is a disappointing (mainly becomes of the immobile neck), Scarecrow looks amazing. The unique articulation really sets him apart and any excuse to strengthen my Batman Rogues gallery is a fine one by me! Now if only Mattel would be willing to release a few female figures in this style.

Batman the Brave and the Bold Action League Wave 4

Black Ligthning vs WildcatBatman vs Scarecrow

Written by jestergoblin

March 25th, 2010 at 12:01 am

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