Review: Transformers Robot Heroes Generation 1 – Optimus Prime versus Ravage

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While there are many flaws with Transformer the Animated Movie. Like being set in the future year of 2005 and devastating my older brother in his youth when he saw Optimus Prime slain. While the animated series hasn’t aged well, the movie reminds me of how I remember the show being as a kid, only with a better soundtrack!

So when Hasbro stretched out their Heroes line to include the cast of Transformers in the line Robot Heroes, I knew I wanted to get the original group of Generation 1 Transformers. Sure, it may seem weird to own Transformers that don’t transform but seeing as the only Transformer I’ve bought in the last decade is Masterpiece Optimus Prime, I just wanted the characters.

The leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime needs no introduction. He’s basically a robotic version of Captain America that also transforms into a tractor trailer truck. Without being limited by the need to transform, the Robot Heroes are sculpted to look like their original animated versions with some minor Heroes-style flair.

Optimus looks great for a miniature version of the hero. The details on him are fantastic, everything from the wheels on his calves to tiny yellow arrows on his wrist are present. The paint is impeccable, no bleeding or running outside of the lines.

The pose is the left hand pointing one, the same one as Darth Vader, Snake Eyes and Duke. For Prime, I think it works well since he’s either threatening to crush some Decepticon or point at some detail in an awesome plan for crushing said Decepticons. Optimus moves at the neck and shoulders allowing for some great poses but I wish he had waist movement.

Every Autobot needs a Decepticon to fight but Hasbro couldn’t just include Megatron for Optimus to fight, after all, they want to sell packs! Ravage, Soundwave’s cassette kitty, is included. In his panther form, Ravage is one of those rare Transformers that doesn’t have a humanoid form.

Ravage is sitting like dog would for his pose, which while adorable doesn’t work well for the cybernetic feline. The odd pose isn’t helped by the fact that the paint isn’t anywhere near as accurate as it should be. His silver neck and mostly silver front legs are all incorrect but the visually effect still looks pretty good. The bright purple Decepticon symbol on Ravage’s left front leg is centered and clean.

Ravage only moves at the neck allowing his head to rotate like some twisted animatronic at a Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse. The massive rockets attached to Ravage’s hips are glued in place. The biggest issue with Ravage though is his scale – he’s almost half of Optimus’s height! He’s massive for a robot that can shrink to the size of a cassette tape.

As a two-pack, Optimus really shines but for all of Ravage’s flaws, he’s still an adorable robotic kitten! Though it does seem a little odd given Optimus Prime’s pose, it looks like he’s scolding Ravage.

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Written by jestergoblin

March 26th, 2010 at 12:02 am

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