Toy Review: Super Hero Squad – Wolverine & Sabretooth

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While the first wave of Marvel Super Hero Squad had one pack for famous Avengers, the rest of the wave is packed full of everyone’s favorite mutants: the X-Men! This pack takes two mutants, one best known for having claws and being feral while the other one has the rare mutant power of being able to be in multiple comic books at the same time (No, not Deadpool).
First up is a superhero whose fame has completely escaped me. Unlike Spider-Man, who is known for witty quips and being a young superhero that kids can relate to, Wolverine is a feral beast who is “the best at what he does,” which is killing. While I don’t understand how a character with a mysterious past got so popular, there’s no denying that the kids love Logan.

The figure is a disappointment. Given his fame, Wolverine gets redone almost as many times as Spider-Man and Iron Man. The sculpt is the biggest issue, with many flaws that quickly add up. Wolverine’s claws are massive and look like oversized rods coming out of his knuckles. Another issue is his face, Wolverine is known for being a scruffy guy, but this one has a pudgy baby face that doesn’t look anything like the Canadian killing machine.

Wolverine’s sculpt is trying to escape the static pose of Galactic Heroes and does a better job than Colossus but it still doesn’t work quite right. The figure looks bowlegged and is leaning very far forward. Wolverine only moves at the arms and neck. Throw in the fact that the costume doesn’t seem to be any existing version of Wolverine’s X-uniform, though it is strongly reminiscent of his 90s costume, you’re left with a figure that just looks bad.

Wolverine is lucky though because at least he got paired with a bad guy: Victor Creed, better known as Sabretooth. While Wolverine shed part of his Galactic Hero ancestry, Sabretooth completely threw it out the window to get a sculpt that is really unique. He’s balancing between his hand and foot, which looks good but the execution doesn’t work.

Sabretooth has serious balance issues, though he can at least get in a two distinct poses. For display, it works well but for playing it’s very limiting. Unlike the other releases, Sabretooth is painted in orange and browns, the colors he had in the X-Men Animated Series. One big letdown is his size. Wolverine is supposed to be short guy, and Sabretooth is supposed to be massive, but Sabretooth feels smaller. Sabretooth only moves at the arms, but his massive mane gets in the way and his high center of gravity make it so his right arm can’t be used much.

Thematically, this two-pack is a fantastic idea. Wolverine and Sabretooth are archrivals with a long history, but both figures have major flaws that just don’t make them worth getting. Wolverine looks weird, while Sabretooth is undersized and poorly designed. Bottom line, this pack isn’t worth trying to track down unless you’re a huge fan of Sabretooth, but even then, you’re going to be disappointed.

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Written by jestergoblin

March 29th, 2010 at 12:01 am

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