Review: Marvel Super Hero Squad – Cyclops & Magneto

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The final pack of Wave one of Marvel’s Super Hero Squad includes not only one, but two leaders! The leader of the X-Men, Cyclops, and the leader of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Magneto, are ready for a faceoff.

Cyclops was the first student of Professor X and was the field leader of the X-Men in battle, best known for his awesome visor of ruby quartz and the ability to shoot out optic blasts.

This version of Cyclops is in his 90s costume designed by Jim Lee. This same outfit was used in the X-Men Animated Series. But the outfit has been streamlined, which means it’s got a few less pouches but it still looks good.

Cyclops translates well into this style; his face has a slight smirk that makes it look like Scott Summers just pulled off an impressive maneuver, since he rarely smiles. It works well though because his visor blocks most of his face.

Cyclops is brightly colored with a blue body suit and yellow highlights. It’s classically super heroic: yellow boots, gloves and underoos with a single suspender. Cyclops moves at the waist and arms, but his right arm really only works in a single pose: against his visor. When it isn’t, it looks like Cyclops’s arm was snapped.

The other character in the pack is none other than the ultimate X-Men bad guy: Magneto, the lord of magnetism. One of the greatest villains every created, Magneto still holds up exceptionally well.

Like Cyclops, Magneto has a power that is difficult to show in a toy (with the exception of magnets) but Hasbro did a great job showing off the idea of his powers. First, like Angel, Magneto is floating to show his power of flight. His base is a simple silver half-sphere that adds enough height to have him tower over most figures.

Magneto’s left arm is grasping at nothing, but it looks great. He could be using his powers to draw something towards him or pushing something away, it’s a very well done look both for displays and playing. At first glance, it looks like Magneto and Angel share the same set of arms but they’re actually unique.

Magneto’s paint is clean and crisp with purples and reds. The silver detail on his belt is perfectly done. His face is mostly covered by his helmet but his pale blue eyes and light gray eyebrows are visible. His mouth is a simple straight line which fits the character well. The only questionable paint area is the emblem on his forehead, sometimes it’s purple and other times it’s red. In this case, it’s red but looks like it should be painted. Magneto moves at the arms and waist.

As a two-pack, this is another fantastic one that pairs a classic hero with a villain. While there are many different versions of Cyclops out there in different costumes, this is the best version of Magneto released. It is easily the second best pack in Wave 1 and it’s worth trying to find this version of Magneto for any X-Men fan.

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March 30th, 2010 at 12:32 am

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