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This was the first pack of Robot Heroes that I ever got: Bumblebee and Soundwave. Growing up, my brother was a fan of Transformers but I often found them overly complicated and preferred my Ninja Turtles. Of course, I still vaguely remember the cartoon and knew who Optimus Prime was. But I remembered two things: Soundwave was an awesome toy because he looked like an actual Walkman and his voice is the coolest voice ever. So when I decided I wanted a figure of Soundwave for my own I had two choices: track down the super expensive re-release of the original toy or just buy this two-pack for a few bucks.

On the side of the Autobots is none other than the character ruined by Michael Bay: Bumblebee! The VW Bug, Bumblebee is a bright yellow robot. His color is fantastically done, with alternating yellows and blacks that really help evoke the imagery of a bumblebee. His paints are crisp and clean with no bleeding. Even his windows and windshield are painted! While Optimus Prime felt a little thin, Bumblebee has some great bulk to the figure.

Most of Bumblebee’s sculpt is well done. His face has a great smirk on it that reflects nicely in his eyes, so you know this one is the good guy. His feet are made up of the hood without looking oversized. His right shoulder looks off though, the shoulder is too long but that isn’t visible from certain angles.  Bumblebee moves at the neck and shoulders.

To fight Bumblebee, the Decepticons have sent out the master of mixing: Soundwave! My personal favorite monotone robot, Soundwave is a fantastic character. Cold, calculating and composed, the blue beat boxer looks great when adapted into the Hero-style. Soundwave has a much more elaborate sculpt; he’s made of sharp angles and lines. Soundwave’s left hand is pointing to his stomach, like he’s ready to eject his cassette minions.

Soundwave has a great paint job. The white, yellow and red stripes are all clean without any bleeding. The buttons on his chest are perfectly done; even his decal is perfectly centered. There is one weird part though with Soundwave: his eyes. Soundwave isn’t supposed to show expression but this figure has his eyes cocked in suspicion. Soundwave moves at the shoulders and neck, but his neck is limited by his shoulder cannon.

This two-pack is a solid one. Both characters were popular and have strong nostalgic draw, while just from a purely visual standpoint they jump out on the shelf. The blue and yellow colors contrasted nicely with the packaging. Besides, who can say no to a tiny, adorable Soundwave?

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Written by jestergoblin

April 1st, 2010 at 12:15 am

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