Indiana Jones Adventure Heroes Review – Sallah & Mummy with snake

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Why is it that John Rhys-Davies always plays short characters? I mean, Sallah isn’t the shortest guy but this toy is! He isn’t always Gimli (and yes, I know he was also the voice of Treebeard). Either way, he once again gets paired with a skinny, mythical creature.

Sallah was Indiana’s snake-fearing sidekick and an Egyptian excavator. None of that screams “super exciting toy” but that didn’t stop Hasbro from releasing him in the Adventure Heroes line. Sallah looks like he’s ready to explore a temple in the desert.

Sallah’s gray garb is exceptionally dull, but the white and purple vest adds a splash of color. His goldenrod sash helps break up the character. Sallah’s skin tone is a vibrant peach, continuing the theme of Adventure Heroes being oddly colored.

While the figure doesn’t look much like John Rhys-Davies, the face looks different enough so it isn’t just Indiana with a beard. Sallah’s holding a torch in his left hand which is cast in translucent plastic. The torch looks good because the orange turns redder as it approaches the tip. Sallah moves at the waist and arms.

Packed with Sallah is a generic mummy. A corpse brought back to life, I have absolutely no recollection of any undead hordes in any of the Indiana Jones films. But even if the set isn’t the most accurate, it’s a great undead figure!

At first glance, the mummy doesn’t seem to have much going on. Cast in an off-white, cream color, the mummy’s wrappings cover most of the figure. A few bones poke out, like the leg, finger tips, sternum and skull. Entwined around the mummy is a Heroes-style snake with massive bulging eyes. The snake’s yellow and oranges add some extra color to what would otherwise be a bland looking figure.

While most of the mummy is cartoony, the skull is surprisingly detailed. The sunken eyes combined with the angle that the head rests make for an unsettling figure. The mummy moves at the neck and right arm.

But the set includes more than just Sallah and a mummy! It also includes a king cobra minifigure. The small figure is about an inch tall and cast in dark red. With an airbrushed chest and giant bug eyes, the snake definitely falls on the side of cartoony but this snake serves multiple uses! Need a way to scare Indiana Jones? Done! Need a minion for Cobra Commander? Done!

While Sallah isn’t a terribly exciting figure, I mean he’s just a guy in a turban with a torch but the snake and mummy are fantastically generic figures that work for almost any line. If you can still find this set on clearance, it’s worth grabbing just for an undead figure.

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April 2nd, 2010 at 12:13 am

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