Super Hero Squad Review – Iron Man & Thor

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The first wave of Super Hero Squad focused on Marvel’s biggest band of misfits: the X-Men. With the second wave, Marvel’s other major team gets an increase in their numbers: the Avengers! This pack contains two founding members of the group: the invincible Iron Man and the Asgardian God of Thunder, Thor!

A founding member of the Avengers, Iron Man has become well known of late for his cinematic escapades. But before the movie, he was just the iron clad Avenger. Tony Stark is wearing a suit of armor that seems to be a mess of different suits, but mostly based on his modern extremis armor.

Iron Man is painted in metallic red and glossy yellow which evokes the classic Iron Man look. The applications are clean with no overlap but there is an issue on his thighs: the yellow paint is orange! It looks like the yellow and red mixed. Another very weird part of Iron Man are his eyes, to make him look more like a guy in armor, he has human eyes.

The sculpt is well done, the figure has enough bulk to look like a guy in a suit instead of a guy in spandex. The thin parts on the arms and legs are riveted, while the boots, torso and gloves are all intricately detailed.

Iron Man’s pose is one of him blasting off into the air. His right arm is in a fist, while his left arm is outstretched ready to blast his repulsor. Iron Man moves at the big four points: neck, waist and arms.

The other figure packed in the set is the Asgardian God – Thor! In the Marvel Universe the gods are real and Thor is no exception. Then again, who would argue with a guy carrying a giant hammer?

While Iron Man is in a modern version of his armor, Thor is in his classic costume – the sleeveless top with the odd silver circles on his torso, boots, arm bands, a cape and for some unknown reason – a winged helmet. Thor may not be the most accurate Norseman, but it’s one of those absurd costumes that could only be designed by Jack Kirby.

Thor’s got some oddly sculpted aspects. Normally a ripped character, this version of Thor looks like he would lose a fight to the Pillsbury Doughboy. All of his muscles look like dough, like he’s been spending too much time at Burger King.

The rest of the sculpt is a mixture of odd design choices. Thor’s left hand is in the pointing pose of doom, while his hammer wielding right hand is just off to the side.

Thor’s paint is a mess of primary colors – yellow boots and belt, red cape and arm bands and a blue body suit. It’s quite the eyesore. None of it is poorly done, but the colors are so bright. Thor’s articulation is lacking, only his arms move, but both are designed oddly so there isn’t much use out of them.

As an Avengers themed two-pack, pairing Iron Man and Thor together makes a fair amount of sense. Both are founding members and all, but both figures have odd stylistic choices that don’t seem to make sense. At the end of the day, better versions of both figures have been released and those are the ones worth tracking down.

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April 6th, 2010 at 12:01 am

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