Star Wars Galactic Heroes Review – Luminara and Super Battle Droid

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I set myself two rules for purchasing Galactic Heroes to prevent myself from going into my normal mode of being a completist. All packs I buy have to contain essential characters to the original trilogy or they just had to look awesome (how else do I justify buying Jango Fett?) This two pack definitely falls into the latter category because I only have the vaguest idea of who Luminara is.

Luminara Unduli is a Jedi Master and a Mirialan, which just means “person with green skin” I think. Like most female figures released in the Heroes style, Luminara is small but she looks great. Decked out in brown robes, Luminara has an impressively intricate outfit.

The outer layer is light brown, while the inside is darker brown. Hanging from her belt is an ornate piece, while her belt buckle is golden. While most of the figure is brown, her skin stands out. Lime green, only her face and hands are exposed.

Luminara’s face is her most unique feature. She looks mostly human, but her massive blue eyes are oversized and at a different angle than most females in the Heroes lines. It works really well because but the eyes are just different enough to make her look alien. Luminara’s chin is also tattooed and is perfectly centered.

Luminara is brandishing her green lightsaber in her right hand. It’s translucent, which looks so much better than the painted lightsabers. Oddly though, the bottom of her lightsaber is unpainted. Luminara’s head is on peg, but her headdress prevents her head from really moving.

Paired up with Luminara is a Super Battle Droid! The second version of the robotic troops, the Super Battle Droid is beefed up in every way possible. A hulking torso, massive arms and nearly faceless, SBD is a great looking robot.

SBD is cast in gray plastic with sparkles mixed in, which is supposed to make him shiny but doesn’t work as well. At least the glitter is subtle enough so it isn’t overpowering. There are minimal paint details, but that makes sense for a machine of war. Its eyes are white, with a red sensor on the chest, dark gray abs and a yellow decal on the left shoulder.

The droid’s sculpt is fine for a large robot. A massive gun for a left hand that would put Mega Man to shame and a right hand that looks like a claw, BSG looks menacing. The droid only moves at the arms, which is fine for a lumbering robot.

I don’t really know anything about these two figures, but that doesn’t matter because they both have such good designs. Luminara looks like an alien with a lightsaber, what more does she need to do? As for the Super Battle Droid, it is just a fantastic generic robot! Need a robot to fight the Fantastic Four on behalf of Doom? You’re all set! That’s the sign of a good toy.

Written by jestergoblin

April 7th, 2010 at 12:13 am

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