Marvel Super Hero Squad Review – Hulk & the Wasp

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This pack helps round out the Avengers roster in the Super Hero Squad by providing two of the founding members: the incredible Hulk and the Wasp! One is the woman who never wears the same thing twice, while the other is the guy who will never change his pants.

The legendary green behemoth the Hulk is best known for being giant, green and owning indestructible pants. Much like Darth Vader, Hasbro didn’t seem entire sure of what to do for a scale. Clearly the Hulk had to be big, but how much bigger than a normal figure was left unclear. In the comics, Hulk’s size has fluctuated greatly but this figure feels like how Hulk was originally designed – bigger than average, but not freakishly gargantuan.

To the top of his raised fist, Hulk is about an inch taller than most Heroes figures. With his arms outstretched, he’s about twice as wide as the average Heroes figure. Suffice to say, he’s a big guy. Since the Hulk doesn’t wear much for clothes, a lot of the figure’s sculpt is about muscle. His purple pants look good with ripped edges, while the rest of him is just gamma radiated muscle.

Unlike Thor, Hulk’s sculpt is well done and looks solid instead of flabby. From the neck down, Hulk looks good with one very odd exception: his toes. In the Heroes style, characters are cartoony and have the number of digits on their hands reduced from five to four. You’d think the same would be true for the feet but in this case, Hulk’s got ten toes total! It’s weird and the more I look at it, the more unsettling it becomes.

Another odd part of the Hulk is his head. His literally pea-sized head is perched between these massive arms that are bigger than some figures in this line. The facial expression is okay, he’s grimacing and probably angry at something. But the head just looks far too small.

The paint on the figure is well done, he’s mostly green with purple shorts and darker green hair. It’s all clean with no bleeding, though I wonder why his eyebrows are black. For articulation, Hulk moves at the waist and shoulders, but his shoulders are cut at angles which gives him a few unique poses.

To offset the massive amount of plastic needed to make a Hulk figure, this pack includes a smaller figure – the Wasp! A founding member of the Avengers, Janet van Dyne has the power to shrink in size, grow wings to fly and shoot bioelectric blasts to sting. Since these toys can’t be made much smaller, the Wasp is the standard size of a female figure.

Unarticulated, Wasp is sculpted in a unique pose with her right hand outstretched, like either she’s trying to grab something or is about to fly away. The figure is balanced on a pair of translucent wings attached to her back. Jan is in one of her modern costumes, the black one piece with yellow detailing on the front to evoke the imagery of an actual wasp.

Not having to accommodate any moving parts, the Wasp’s sculpt is pretty well done. Only the details on her chest are sculpted, while the rest of her outfit is plain black. He wings are exceptionally detailed – almost too much so given the style of the line but they look like insect wings. My only issue with the sculpt is the face. While Jan may not be the most beautiful superhero, this version doesn’t do enough. It’s like the head was sculpted separately from the rest of the figure and just looks thrown on. The paint on the Wasp’s chest is sloppy with spillage  outside of the lines which is really noticeable since it’s yellow paint over black.

As a two-pack, it’s hard to beat getting two of the founding members of the Avengers. While this is the only version of the Wasp released, Hulk has been released many other times. If you really want your Hulk in purple pants, this is the one to track down provided you can get past the toes and tiny head.

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April 8th, 2010 at 12:02 am

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