Marvel Super Hero Squad 4-Pack Review: Super Hero Secret Wars

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It’s been 25 years since Marvel’s Secret Wars debuted and after all these years, it still is going strong. Originally made so Mattel had a reason for releasing a whole mess of different action figures under a single line, Secret Wars has remained popular. Between the two-packs of the Marvel Universe figures and this unreleased in the US pack, someone as Hasbro must really like the Secret Wars.

Trapped on the alien Battleworld, the most powerful heroes and villains in the world face off for the only prize that matters – survival! This is the most dangerous it’s ever been for any of them. Before it’s over, every one of them will be tested to his limits as they take part in the ultimate cosmic brawl.

The red, white and blue Avenger!

Captain America is a repaint of the version that was released in Wave 1. Instead of being decked out in bright colors, Cap’s coloring is more subdued and reminds me a lot of how he was portrayed in his book a few years ago. Most of the paint is much less vibrant but works really well for the character. The only exception is the color used for his skin which looks much more accurate than the horribly pale paint used in the first release.

One area where the paint doesn’t work so great though is the eyes. The first few releases had Cap’s eyebrows painted on to his mask, but for this figure, the eyebrows are in the eyeholes. This sounds more accurate, but results in Cap’s eyes being too far down and apart from each other. Captain America moves at the waist and arms.

The ultimate archer!

The second repaint in the pack is used to being paired up with Captain America, since these exact two figures were released together back in Wave 1. This version of Hawkeye is pretty close to the past release, just a few areas of color that were blue have become purple and vice versa. He still looks like Hawkeye. The paint is well done on the costume and like Captain America; Hawkeye has been given a tan.

The biggest and most noticeable change to Hawkeye though is his bow and quiver; they’re no longer light brown with silver detailing. Hawkeye’s bow is now silver with a black arrow notched in it, while his quiver is also silver and red tails on the arrows. It helps add some extra color, but the red tails look a little odd. Hawkeye still moves at the waist and arms, just like Captain America.

This web-slinger is ready for anything!

Of all the characters to get a new sculpt; Spider-Man probably wasn’t at the top of anyone’s list. But as a character who known for having clones, what can you do? This Spider-Man is very similar to the one released in the movie line where he was jumping and shooting webs down. But instead of being in his movie outfit, Spider-Man is based off his comic design which has inlaid webbing. The red and blue used on the figure look great and probably explain Cap’s new colors, since you don’t want two red and blue guys in the same box.

Spider-Man’s pose is well done and while the figure is articulated, not much can be done with his neck, waist and right arm. It also may seem odd to those familiar with the story of Secret Wars that Spider-Man is in his red and blue costume when this is the very storyline that gave him his black costume! Hasbro originally planned on releasing a second Secret Wars pack that included the black costumed Spidey.

But there is one thing even weirder about Spider-Man other than his costume choice and that’s his size. This figure is massive. Not quite Spider-Hulk massive but pretty close. This figure feels between 25% and 33% too big when compared to other figures. His head, hands and feet are all massive which really doesn’t make any sense because Peter Parker is a small guy!

Super strong villain who loves to destroy!

Finally in the bag is the bad guy for everyone to fight: The Wrecker! You know he’s a bad guy because he’s decked out in green and purple. For some reason, red and blue are almost always used for heroes while green and purple are for the bad guys. Wrecker owns a magical crowbar which basically makes him like Thor in many ways.

Wrecker is in his classic outfit: purple gloves, boots, belt and skullcap with a green jacket and pants. Sure, it’s an eyesore but it’s one of those costumes that hasn’t been changed much over the years. In his left hand, Wrecker is brandishing his enchanted crowbar. Wrecker has the least amount of articulation – he only moves at the waist. There’s not much else to say about this figure. He looks like the Wrecker but the Wrecker isn’t terribly exciting as a character.

It may seem unfair at first glance that Wrecker is up against Spider-Man, Hawkeye and Captain America but while the character looks a little silly, you’ve got to remember this guy can hold his own against Thor! Now if only Hasbro would release the rest of the Wrecking Crew: Bulldozer, Piledriver and Thunderball (sorry Excavator fans, but he doesn’t count).

Sadly, this four-pack was never released in the US and I had to get some help shipping one over from Europe (thanks Clanure and TheTooN over at The Rumor Buster). If you’re a big fan of Secret Wars, you’d probably love this set but it’s near impossible to find. While Captain America and Hawkeye are both decent repaints, Spider-Man is just far too big. And at the end, the Wrecker is only okay. I’m glad that I own this set since I was never able to track down City in Crisis or Winter Solider Saga. It may be worth waiting though because Hasbro has said that they plan on taking the unreleased 4-packs and releasing them as two-packs down the road.

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