Indiana Jones Adventure Heroes Review – Rene Belloq with the Ark and Ghost

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The Adventure Heroes reviews continue and this pack is an odd exception. After all, how many toys intended for 3 year olds contain the Ark of the Covenant and a ghost with the power to melt flesh off the bones? I think just one.

Rene Belloq was the French Archeologist in Raiders of the Lost Ark, who worked for the Nazis. He gained his fame by being the guy who cared more about making a profit and would regularly attempt to swipe treasure from Indiana Jones.

Instead of being in his white leisure suit, Belloq has donned the ceremonial robes he wore when he attempted to open the Ark. These robes are rather elaborately detailed for a Heroes figure. Belloq’s turban has a detailed rim, while his robes are plaid. The stripped sash adds some color, but it’s the chest piece that has the biggest amount of color. A golden plate inlaid with twelve stones (representing the twelve tribes of Israel), it is simplified for the style but still works.

Belloq is wielding a ram headed staff which works well for the character. The articulation works well, Belloq moves at the waist, shoulders and right wrist. One aspect of the figure that works well though, is how much he just looks like a sorcerer. He’s a guy in robes, brandishing a staff! If that doesn’t seem like a wizard, I don’t know what does.

Packed with Belloq is a golden box – the Ark of the Covenant. The box that housed the 10 Commandments, it is considered a great source of power within Hebrew and Christian mythology. If you want the whole description, check out Exodus 25:10-15. The Ark is detailed well, with etchings on the sides and topped with two angels.

The whole Ark is cast in gold plastic and the lid is removable. Inside there is a bit of painted sand, which is an unexpected detail. But an empty box is only so exciting, especially for little kids. Sure, it could work as an ornate treasure chest but there is something that makes it even better: its supernatural powers!

The other figure in the set is unarticulated and cast in translucent blue plastic. It’s a ghost! Known for having the power to melt the faces off of Nazis, the ghost looks good. A skeletal frame clad in tattered rags with a skull peering out from under the hood, the ghost looks great. The ghost also fits in the Ark and can use it as a base!

This is a fun two-and-a-half pack! Belloq works as either Indiana Jones’s nemesis with the Ark or as some random wizard who can summon ghost from a golden box.


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April 13th, 2010 at 9:01 am

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