Transformers Robot Heroes Generation 1 Review – Ultra Magnus & Megatron

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The night of my high school graduation, my school packed all of us up in buses for Project Grad, where the recent graduates were shuttled across New England for the next 15 hours in celebration. Around the 4 a.m. mark, most of us were becoming delirious or were so wired on caffeine that we were probably a threat to ourselves and our environment. At 5 a.m. we went to some comedy club and in my barely coherent state, I started yelling about Transformers. More specifically, I was yelling about how Robert Stack was Ultra Magnus. I thought it was hilarious; everyone else was too exhausted to understand.

When viewers first got a glimpse of Ultra Magnus in the animated film, he looked awesome. He’s a bigger version of Optimus Prime but with rocket launchers mounted to his shoulders! He was painted even more patriotically than Optimus too being all red, white and blue. Of course that was all ruined the moment Robert Stack of Unsolved Mysteries fame started speaking.

He wasn’t some awesome warrior; he was a reluctant leader who gave up being the leader of the Autobots as soon as he could. And he was killed and brought back in the same film that Optimus Prime died! That’s enough to make any kid hate him. This guy could cheat death, but not Optimus? Absurd!

But enough ranting about the character that has as much personality as a plank of wood, while his character is lacking there’s no denying that Ultra Magnus looks good. The figure is based off his appearance in the animated movie. He’s standing tall and doesn’t have the heroes-style squat but it works since he’s a soldier. His sculpt is more detail than you’d expect, with every box sculpted. He’s even got his wheels on the side of his feet!

His paint is pretty well done, with a few minor exceptions where the red paint doesn’t fully cover the blue plastic he’s cast in. But Ultra Magnus has his shoulder mounted rocket launchers. His right hand is in a fist like he’s ready to fight while his left hand looks like he’s about to hit the enter key on a keyboard. What is odd though is that his face is so smug and he’s sporting a pair of aviators. It doesn’t match the character I know, but I like it so much more. This is how Ultra Magnus should be in my mind – a massive warrior ready to battle!

The pose and smirk make Ultra Magnus look like he just activated some self-destruct device and isn’t only ready to fight his way through the Decepticon forces, but is actually looking forward to it! Ultra Magnus moves at the arms and neck, but his chest is at an angle and his head is looking down but it works rather well since he is suppose to tower over most other Transformers.

While Ultra Magnus was the reluctant and worthless leader of the Autobots, this pack is a must have for one reason: Megatron! The nefarious leader of Decepticons, Megatron is best known for having a rather useless transformation – he turns into a handgun, usually the Walther P38. Voiced by the legendary Frank Welker, Megatron was another big character to meet his demise in the Transformers animated movie.

Since Megatron is a mass-shifter, it works well to get a figure of him that can’t transform. Cast in a color of plastic that reminds me of dirty dish water, Megatron’s design is pretty simple but works well. As a bad guy, he’s allowed to get evil colors – gray, black and red.

Like Ultra Magnus, Megatron’s sculpt seems pretty basic at first glance. That is until you realize again that all of his details are sculpted. His arms and legs are covered in little details that help make Megatron look like a giant robot and not just a guy made of boxes.

Megatron’s right arm is outstretched with the cannon attached, while his left is clenched in a fist, either to punch or to celebrate a successful shot. Megatron’s face has an open mouth smile that seems a little too happy though. Megatron only moves at the arms though.

The main color for Megatron seems a little of though, it just looks too light. It’s even weirder when the sight on his back and his toes are painted silver, the color he should be! But the rest of the paint is very well done; his elbows are red while his hands, pelvis and legs are black.

I remember when I bought this figure in a store and a parent was trying to convince his son to get this one because of how cool Ultra Magnus was. I mean, can you blame him? This pack is the embodiment of the Cold War! The hero is decked out in red, white and blue while the godless communist villain is in gray and red!

While Ultra Magnus is a character I utterly despise, his figure is exceptionally well done. The smugness and pose make for a great toy so even if you don’t know who the character is, he just looks good. As for Megatron, he’s decent but I wish he came in a darker shade of gray.

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April 14th, 2010 at 12:01 am

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