Marvel Super Hero Squad Wave 2 Review – Daredevil & Elektra

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The first half of wave 2 of the Super Hero Squad consisted of rounding out the Avengers, the other half of the wave consisting of figures Marvel had recently had on the big screen at the time. This pack includes two of the box office bombs: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner! My Marvel fanboyness only goes so far – I refused to buy Elektra on DVD (but I did see it theaters).

Matt Murdock is an interesting character. His origin was mirrored by the Ninja Turtles, only instead of turning into a mutant turtle, Daredevil became blind. But as a blind character, it’s impressive that Daredevil was able to pick such an excellent color for his costume.

Daredevil’s sculpt is clearly heavily influence by the Galactic Heroes, like Thor, he looks like he’s been hitting the doughnuts a little hard and it’s all gone to his thighs. Lacking any sort of muscle definition below the waist, Murdock isn’t looking great. His boots, gloves, belt and holster are all sculpted in.

While the sculpt isn’t impressive, the paint doesn’t help the figure. Probably to make the figure more visually striking, Daredevil is wearing a bodysuit that is dark red while the rest of his costume is a much brighter shade. This is a blind character who is wearing a two-toned suit. I much prefer the idea that Daredevil’s suit should be either monochromatic or hilarious garish.

Daredevil’s batons are both in his fists and painted white, which works fine since they are supposed to be his walking stick. The other weird part of the figure is the face: Daredevil is smirking! A character that has been wracked with Catholic guilt, Daredevil isn’t one who is known to smile. Daredevil moves at the waist and shoulders.

Packed with Daredevil is his on and off again girlfriend – Elektra! Created by Frank Miller during his epic run on Daredevil, she has recently been known as being a Skrull during the events of Secret Invasion. A ninja dressed in red, Elektra may be one of the most scantily clad figures ever released, especially for the young kid market.

Dressed in essentially a bikini with booties, gloves and random wrappings, Elektra looks like herself. Her costume has had many designs over the years but the classic look is red, skin tight and skimpy. But there is one other trademark of Elektra: her pair of sai. Thanks to the Ninja Turtles, a whole generation grew up thinking sai were sharp and bladed weapons but in actuality they are blunt weapons used to deflect the blows of other weapons.

Elektra’s packing a pair of massive size; each one is about half her height. There is a problem with having weapons this big: they really throw off her balance. Elektra has one foot on the ground and one with just her toes touching, it makes for a good pose but a figure that can’t stand on her own is poorly designed. In a rare move for female figures in this line, Elektra moves at the shoulders.

As a two-pack, this one is disappointment especially when compared to current offerings. Daredevil isn’t that exciting and is really boring to look at. Meanwhile Elektra’s balance issues hurt her a lot. But I’ve got to give Hasbro credit for at least packing these two together, because let’s face it; packing Elektra with Bullseye would be in poor taste.

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April 15th, 2010 at 12:01 am

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