Marvel Super Hero Squad Review – Punisher & Ghost Rider

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The first half of wave 2 for the Super Hero Squad was based on famous, founding members of the Avengers while the other two packs were inspired by Marvel’s most recent (at the time) movies, but this pack may just take the cake for the two least appropriate figures to ever be marketed to the 3-year-old demographic.

Frank Castle is very well known as the skull clad vigilante anti-hero: the Punisher! Driven only by vengeance, Punisher is a great character but usually as a guest star. But he’s still a character known for ruthlessly killing people. So of course, he’s a perfect choice for getting the cutesy treatment of Hasbro Heroes!

Punisher is in his superhero costume, the black body suit with white gloves, boots and belt along with a giant skull on his chest. This is pretty much the same costume that he first debuted in back in The Amazing Spider-Man #129.  The costume looks fine, but there are two issues with the figure as a whole.

First off, Punisher looks way too muscular. He’s just a powerless guy who is an ex-Marine but this figure seems supernaturally ripped. The other weird part is his face, the calm eyes and smiling face are all wrong for the character. Punisher should never look calm and happy. He can either be calm and grimacing or a smiling maniac.

Punisher isn’t packing any guns, just a giant bazooka. It works, but Castle really should be carrying enough weapons to take out the X-Men on his own. Punisher moves at the waist and shoulders, but his right arm is like Cyclops’s arm and only works in a single pose.

The other figure in this pack is the legendary Nick Cage, well more accurately, Ghost Rider. As a figure, Ghost Rider is okay. His details are soft; his leather outfit is just cast in black plastic while the shoulder spikes and flail are silver.

Ghost Rider’s flaming skull is white with painted flames that look far too cartoony. Ghost Rider moves at the neck but his jaw limits the rotation while his arms both move fine.

But there is a big issue with Ghost Rider – his complete lack of something to ride. Ghost Rider should always have his motorcycle but this figure doesn’t have anything. On top of that, his legs are pose oddly and don’t fit on any of the motorcycles released in any of the Heroes lines. The character that is supposed to be able to ride a motorcycle not only doesn’t come with one but can’t even ride the existing ones.

As a two-pack, this one at least kind of makes sense as a theme. Both characters had movies at the time of release, but neither of those movies were for the young child demographic.  But neither of these figures are that good. Sure, both are recognizable as the respective characters but the figures just aren’t that exciting. The details are too soft and Ghost Rider just has too many design flaws to make me recommend this set, especially since there are much better versions of both characters out there.

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April 20th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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