Star Wars Galactic Heroes Review – Kit Fisto & General Grievous

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Over the last few months, my view of Star Wars has gotten weird. Sure, I haven’t watched the films but I did watch both of Mr. Plinkett impressive hour-long rants on Episodes I and II. And I read the entirety of Darth and Droids. And I learned that Nathan Fillion keeps a light saber next to his door. But reading all of this hasn’t helped me at all when it comes to determining who Kit Fisto and General Grievous actually are. Well, beyond a squid Jedi and an asthmatic cyborg.

First up is the squid Jedi I know absolutely nothing about: Kit Fisto! He looks like a squid. Which I’m perfectly happy with because giant squids are awesome, and I apologize for that link. Debuting in Episode II, Fisto (that is a terrible name) is one of the Jedi generals. But enough of my inane rambling of who this character is or isn’t – on to the toy!

Being a squid-like alien, Fisto is larger than the human Galactic Heroes. He’s slightly taller and much bulkier. He’s wearing some variation of the Jedi robe, light brown with dark leggings and boots. But his arms are armored and resemble Clone Troopers. Kit Fisto’s head is well done. His high cheek bones and massive, pupil less eyes make him look more alien while his tentacle dreadlocks don’t look like just poorly sculpted hair.

Since he’s a Jedi, Fisto has to come with a light saber. His right hand is holding a green, translucent blade that looks a tad too short for the character. Fisto only has one point of articulation; his right elbow is a swivel joint that seems oddly done for the line.

The other figure in this pack was the big draw for me: General Grievous. Like Darth Vader, Grievous is an awesome looking character that got ruined by dumb story lines. For example: General Grievous has asthma. After a fight with Obi-Wan Kenobi, the cyborg got his windpipe crushed and developed a nasty cough.

Yes, he’s a coughing robot.

But what made Grievous cool was the fact that he was a Jedi killer and would collect their light sabers as trophies. And the fact that he could split his arms into two and wield four light sabers at once. Evidently, Darth Maul’s dual saber just wasn’t cool enough for marketing research.

General Grievous had another figure released, but he was cloaked (and also came with Kit Fisto oddly enough) but this version is his battle ready mode. Brandishing four light sabers, two blue and two green, Grievous looks like an intimidating foe.

Grievous’s sculpt is well done, it’s a great assortment of mechanical parts that looks designed and thought out, not some odd hodgepodge of parts. Thankfully, Hasbro got his hands correct where the thumb is on the bottom of his lower hands. While Kit Fisto was larger than a normal figure, Grievous is downright massive. Grievous moves at all four wrists and his neck.

While Kit Fisto isn’t terribly exciting as a figure, Grievous is a fantastic toy. He’s a massive, four armed robot with four light sabers! What kid wouldn’t love that? While I’m sure once I rewatch the prequels, I’ll end up hating these characters but for the time being, this is a great pack of an alien warrior and a giant robot. I feel like I’ve said that before.

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April 21st, 2010 at 12:01 am

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