Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Spider-Man & Green Goblin

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It’s funny that there was once a time when there wasn’t an overabundance of Spider-Man in the Super Hero Squad. In fact, there was a time where there weren’t any Spider-Men!  But once Spider-Man 3 was about to debut in theaters the reason why Spider-Man wasn’t in the Super Hero Squad was made apparent: he was getting his own line!

While the at-the-time upcoming film was the third in the series, the Spider-Man Super Hero Squad was covering all three films. The first film made Spider-Man faceoff against his arch-nemesis: the Green Goblin!

As the first Spider-Man figure, there wasn’t much to compare this figure to when he first came out. Since Peter Parker always wears a full mask and is a teenager, the Heroes style works well for him. The oversized feet, hands and head all work for the awkward teenager body type. This Spider-Man is shooting webbing to the group and is up in the air. While I’m not sure why Spidey would do this, the pose is certainly unique.

Both of his massive hands are in the webslinging pose, one behind him and one aiming at the ground. His legs are out to the sides, probably to be kicking some baddies in the chest. Another thing of note is that this figure is in the movie version of his costume; this means all the webbing is raised.

With the raised webbing, that means there is a much bigger risk of screwed up paint applications. Thankfully, this one turned out fine. The red is vibrant with dark navy blue and silver webbing. For articulation, the figure has three points, both arms and the waist, but there isn’t much you can do with it.

A good hero has good villains, but the excellent heroes have excellent villains. Half of Batman’s appeal is the Joker, and the same can be said for Spider-Man and his arch-nemesis, the Green Goblin! My favorite comic book character ever, the Green Goblin has always had a soft spot in my heart.

Since the figures are based off the movies, Green Goblin is in his Power Rangers-esque outfit. It’s metallic green and slightly mechanical looking. To go along with the modern mechanical look, Norman Osborn is riding his glider and packing a pumpkin bomb. Both of these seem to match the look from the movie so I can’t complain too much.

Permanently attached to his glider, Green Goblin looks a little small for the character. Though I do love the crazy grin he’s sporting, it perfectly fits the character. The paint isn’t terribly exciting; he’s just metallic green with an orange pumpkin bomb and a silver and purple glider. He moves at the waist and arms – just like Spidey!

The appeal of this two-pack really depends on how much you like these costumes. While I’d prefer a classic Green Goblin, I’m not going to say no to any version of the character. What I really like is that both these characters seem ready to fight in the air. Sure, it’s not a perfect pack but for anyone who is a fan of the movies, it works well.

Spider-Man 3 Super Hero Squad Wave 1
Spider-Man (jumping) & Green GoblinSpider-Man (unmasked) & New Goblin
Spider-Man (oozed) & VenomBlack Costume Spider-Man & Sandman

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April 22nd, 2010 at 12:01 am

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