Marvel Super Hero Squad Review – The Thing & Namor the Sub-Mariner

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Like the last two waves, wave 3 of the Super Hero Squad has a definite theme: Marvel’s first super powered family – the Fantastic Four! Four packs per wave and four main characters makes great sense. Like every family, they’re held together by a giant rock. In this case, he’s literally a rock!

Benjamin Grimm is best known as Ever-lovin’-blue-eyed Thing! A massive figure with bright orange rocky skin, the Thing is in his Ultimate costume. Just spandex pants, massive boots and a belt buckle emblazoned with a giant 4.

From the waist up, the Thing has a great sculpt. He’s covered in rocky plates which are randomly covering him; it makes his look more organic instead of the horrible grid pattern he sometimes gets done with. The most impressive part of the figure is his sheer size. His fists are massive, just like they should be. The Thing’s head is a little odd, like he’s way too excited. Waist down, the Thing is sporting a pair of blue pants and giant boots.

While the sculpt is very well done, the paint doesn’t match up. The Thing’s color should evoke rocks, earth and dirt; this one looks like he’s made out of Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese. It’s a horrific shade. At least his eyes are the right shade of blue. The Thing has minimal articulation, he just moves at the waist but it works.

With each member of the Fantastic Four comes an opponent, not necessarily a villain. In this case, Ben is packed with the first mutant – Namor the Sub-Mariner! The first antihero comicbook character, Namor sometimes helps the surface world, other times he drowns New York City in a fit of rage. Yes, he’s probably bi-polar.

For some reason, Namor rarely shows up in his classic outfit: green underwear with golden wristbands and belt. Probably because no parent will buy their kid a nearly naked man, so Namor is usually portrayed in his pants and vest suit (but without a shirt). I guess it’s hard to take the King of Atlantis serious when he isn’t wear pants.

Dressed in tight pants, a vest, and blinged out belt, Namor certainly looks unique. His ankles are winged, which doesn’t make any sense for a guy who lives underwater and yet can still fly. I guess wings were cool back in the 1930s, why else would Captain America have them too? And this guy also has webbed wings under his arms. It doesn’t make any sense.

From the neck down, Namor is fine, well at least accurate, but the face doesn’t work. Namor has a very unique look, a large widow’s peak, pencil thin eye brows. But with the Heroes style, these details are lost and he just looks like an angry elf with pointy ears. Like the Thing, Namor only moves at the waist.

As one of the original Marvel superheroes, it’s great that Namor got a release. I’d prefer him in his classic outfit The Thing isn’t bad either though I wish his color was a darker, more vibrant shade of orange instead of looking like a delicious man made of macaroni and cheese.

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April 23rd, 2010 at 12:04 am

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