Galactic Heroes Review: Darth Vader & Luke Skywalker

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Well, I was wrong. In my quest to get the best versions of each classic character in Star Wars, I somehow got the wrong version of Darth Vader. That short and squat figure is blown out by this other version of the Sith lord. Combined with the fact that this pack also includes the Jedi version his son!

Luke Skywalker is unique in the toy world because his variants tend to make sense. Whether it was what he wore on Tatooine or the rags from his time on Dagobah with Yoda or his final garb as a Jedi Knight when he fought the Emperor. I’m not sure how Yoda knew what size clothes Luke would need.

Luke is wearing his black outfit. Black pants, black shirt and a single black glove on his right robotic hand. I guess Luke just wanted to be like Michael Jackson. There are minimal paint applications on the costume, just a silver buckle and a few buttons. On the chest, part of the fabric hangs down and the underside is revealed to be a light gray.

Luke’s face is drastically different from the version released with RD-D2, his hair is parted but the figure’s forehead is more like a fivehead. The figure really doesn’t look anything like Mark Hamill.

The paint on Luke is well done as a whole. His boots and glove are done glossy while the rest of his costume is less glossy but not quite matte. Luke’s light saber is one with a painted blade which works fine but I prefer the translucent ones.

Luke is paired with his father, the samurai-inspired warrior. While the first version of Darth Vader wasn’t bad, this version is infinitely better. He’s bigger and everything the dark lord of the Sith should be.

Vader dropped the cloth cape in favor of a plastic one billowing behind him. He’s no longer hollow but one massive, solid chunk. All of the details of his costume are sharper. The center console on his chest is painted with the accurate colors.

Darth Vader’s left hand looks to be in mid force choke while his right arm is out stretched, brandishing his light saber. But the best aspect of Vader is his head. The dark helmet is no longer bulbous and slightly deformed, but vicious, terrifying and perfect.

Had the figure stopped there, he would be incredibly good but Hasbro went one step further with the figure: the helmet is removable! And it doesn’t look oversized! Now kids can reenact the traumatic scene where Vader’s true visage is revealed.

Vader’s head is a pale, scarred monstrosity. His sunken green eyes remind me of the other Dark Lord, Lord Voldemort. Of course, with these being Galactic Heroes, the figures can’t look too terrifying so Vader is smiling.

It’s probably the most unsettling thing I’ve seen for these toys.

Both Vader and Luke move at the same point: their right shoulder. And they both are in exactly the same pose, with the left hand up in the air. It’s odd that the figures don’t mirror each other for dueling but have exactly the same pose. So for these two to fight, one of them is going to have their back to you.

Luke is a perfectly serviceable figure but nothing terribly exciting. Darth Vader on the other hand is exceptional. Sure, if his other arm, neck and waist were articulated he could possibly be the best Hero style figure ever released. But even with one point of articulation, he’s very, very good. The fact that his helmet is removable just makes him even better.

Written by jestergoblin

April 29th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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