Spider-Man 3 Super Hero Squad – Unmasked Spider-Man & New Goblin

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It’s amazing how often super heroes end up having their costumes destroyed but one of them takes the cake: Spider-Man. While Reed Richards has given many heroes costumes made of unstable molecules that prevent them from ripping, Spider-Man got the short end of the stick. It seems like no matter where or who he fights, he ends up losing a bootie or having to do some major patching work. But maybe that’s just another power he got from the spider that bit him, the ability to be able to sow really, really well.

Spider-Man’s secret identity isn’t much of a secret. Had Brand New Day not occurred, the public unmasking of his character was a natural progression. Of course all that got erased. But in the movies, Spider-Man’s secret identity is slightly better at being a secret – mostly because anyone who finds out and is a bad guy ends up dead! Green Goblin? Dead. Doc Ock? Dead. Venom? Dead. New Goblin? Dead. So Spidey’s mask prevents audiences from connecting with the hero, so he has to unmask for those human moments. I guess this figure is supposed to help with that.

This is the first and only time Peter Parker has gotten an unmasked figure in the Super Hero Squad. From the neck down, he’s in his Spider-Man costume with a ripped knee while the head is some generic happy brown haired, blue eyed guy. It doesn’t scream Peter Parker but thankfully it doesn’t look like Toby Maguire. The hair is parted, the blue eyes are looking to the side. It’s pretty generic and basic, but that is fine because there shouldn’t be anything visually striking about Peter Parker!

From the neck down, this figure is entirely brand new as well for reasons that are lost on me. It’s just his movie costume – dark blues, red with raised silver webbing. His knee is ripped showing the skin underneath. If you’re going to make a battle damaged Spidey, might as well go all out but this figure just has him maskless and with a ripped knee. How exciting.

Spider-Man’s torso is really skinny and looks right. Spider-Man isn’t supposed to be some giant, ‘roided up hero. He’s a small guy. But the arms on this figure ruin the look of him. Spider-man has absolutely giant shoulders that are jutting off the side of his body. The look just doesn’t work at all. His left hand is in his shooting web pose while his right is giving a thumbs up. It makes the figure look like he took a bad fall, scraped his knee and is giving his friend a thumbs up to let him know he’s okay. Spider-Man moves at the neck and gigantic shoulders.

The other figure in this set is Peter’s best friend – Harry Osborn, the son of the original Green Goblin. In the comics, Harry became the second Green Goblin (or Hobgoblin in the Ultimate Universe) but in the movie, Harry became a character known as “New Goblin.” I don’t know what executive signed off on that name or his costume design, but it is one of the many issues with the overstuffed abomination that was Spider-Man 3.

Harry discovered one of his father’s storehouses, exposed himself to the Goblin formula and then kind of went crazy and decided to become a flying ninja snowboarder. First is the design of Harry’s costume. It’s basically a black jumpsuit with a tiny bit of green detailing. And it includes ski goggles and a face mask but not helmet. Here’s a guy who is flying around New York City on a snowboard and doesn’t cover his whole head. I don’t get it.

Harry the New Goblin is armed up the whazoo with an assortment of weapons and gear that don’t seem help him at all. His flying board is just a black snowboard with fans attached to it. Harry’s right hand is clutching a pumpkin bomb, while his wrist has blades coming out of it since Harry must think he’s now Batman. Attached to his back is his laser sword because Jedi must be awesome. The whole figure just feels like he was made by a marketing department that just kept yelling out random phrases until they had a character design.  He’s supposed to be hip and cool but even just a few years later, his look is horribly dated and a clear attempt to appeal to kids without any real reason.

Harry’s articulated at the waist and shoulders. The figure’s paint is decent. He’s mostly cast in matte black plastic but his boots got a glossy coat while the pumpkin bomb is exceptionally vibrant thought kind of sloppy on the finer details. The green armor details are slightly metallic and look fine if somewhat boring.

While Peter Park’s arms look horribly oversized for the figure, Harry’s got the opposite problem. Harry’s left arm looks absolutely tiny. It has an odd bend in it that throws off the look as a whole.

As a two-pack, this just feels like a quick attempt at adding extra figures to the wave’s assortment. Both figures had odd sculpting issues that just make them feel rushed. I would have preferred a civilian Peter Parker but this quasi-battled damaged version is okay and allows for some easy Peter Parker customs. New Goblin isn’t a character I care about and just leaves me feeling completely underwhelmed as a whole.

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