Adventure Heroes Review: Indiana Jones & Cairo Swordsman

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Whenever Hasbro makes a Heroes line based off a movie property, they always run into the same issue: an abundance of a single figure again and again. It happened with Spider-Man, the Hulk, Wolverine, Iron Man and Indiana Jones. They only exception has been Star Wars because kids have plenty of characters in that franchise to attach themselves to, but with Indiana Jones there’s really only one guy: Indiana Jones himself.

With the first wave of Adventure Heroes being based off Raiders of the Lost Ark means that Indy only gets a few different outfits (jacket on and jacket off) and his villains aren’t the most exciting bunch (guy in a dress or shirtless mustache man). But that film is jammed packed with great scenes and this pack felt the need to take one iconic scene and let kids act it out: the fight with the Cairo swordsman.

As Indy runs through the marketplace in Cairo, he ends up encountering an unnamed swordsman. Decked out in black robes and turban and a single red sash for color the figure isn’t the most visually exciting. But every kid knows that red and black usually means a bad guy.

The swordsman is pretty basic, with most of his color coming from the color of plastic he was molded in. He moves at the shoulders and right wrist allowing him to get some decent movement with his sword.

But there is one really weird part about this figure: the paint. The red sash is fine; the sword looks great with a golden hilt and silver blade. The weird part of the figure is his skin tone: he’s white. He’s white like a guy who was at the beach and just got some color for the first time since last summer. The pinkish skin tone looks fine except the character is supposed to be brown. It’s weird and doesn’t make any sense especially since all the other figures of this character had the right skin tone.

The other character in this pack is none other than the hero: Indiana Jones! Indy looks like he’s seen better days. His sleeves are rolled up, his shirt is untucked and his jacket is missing. His 5 o’clock shadow is very noticeable and he just doesn’t look good.

Let me rephrase that, the figure looks good but he looks like a guy who has had a rough few days. It makes sense though because when Indiana Jones meets the swordsman in the market, they were supposed to have some elaborate fight. But instead Harrison Ford was fighting dysentery and was in no shape to do some elaborate fight scene. So Ford just asked Steven Spielberg, “Why don’t we just shoot the sucker?”

And they did. It turned out to be a great move because it’s one of the most memorable scenes in the film! But back to the figure, Indiana is brandishing his whip in his right hand and a massive revolver in his left. His satchel is hanging off his side, while his holster is on his hip.

The paint on Indiana Jones isn’t the most exciting as always, but he is just a guy who wears different shades of brown. His tan shirt, light brown pants, brown shoes, fedora and satchel are all well painted while his revolver is a dull gray. Indy’s skin tone is darker than that of the swordsman though! His face is well done and in an interesting switch, the figure isn’t smiling! I guess he really wasn’t in the mood to fight.

Indiana is pretty well articulated, he moves at the shoulders and the neck. His waist is also articulated but his untucked shirt and satchel prevent his waist from moving, giving him a very limited range.

As a two pack, this set makes a lot of sense. It’s an iconic scene from the film that most people know and remember. Indiana Jones looks great and I love how disheveled they made him. While the swordsman isn’t bad he isn’t that exciting. The skin tone issue really bothers me, but as a figure he’s a guy in black robes with a sword. A fine generic bad guy, either as some sorcerer or as some assassin and that’s what makes for a good toy.

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May 4th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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