Spider-Man 3 Super Hero Squad Review: Sandman & Black Costume Spider-Man

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When I first heard that Sandman was going to be one of the bad guys in Spider-Man 3, I was a little disappointed. After all, he is the guy that Spider-Man first beat by vacuuming him up. Then it was teased that Harry would become some sort of goblin. Finally, the whole black costume got leaked and the reveal that Venom was also in it suddenly made Sandman more interesting. In the comics, Venom ended up fighting with Sandman, took a bite out of him and that caused him to dissolve for a few years. So it could have been an interesting battle where Sandman has a change of heart and defends Spider-Man from Venom and ends up dying. Instead he flew away as a cloud of sand.

In the first wave of the Spider-Man Super Hero Squad, all of the Spider-Man figures have one odd thing in common: none of them are classic Spider-Man. One is webbing at the ground in some crazy pose, while another is unmasked and the last one is trapped in black goo. So finally there is a version of Spidey that’s wall crawling but he’s in his black movie costume.

Showing just how far Hasbro is willing to break from the Galactic Heroes mold, Spider-Man is on his stomach mid-crawl. It’s one of those classic poses that is instantly identifiable as Spider-Man. The figure is also the first time that the black costume has been released.

In the comics, Spider-Man was subconsciously influenced by Spider-Woman’s black and white costume when the alien symbiote bonded with him. In the movie universe, there is no Spider-Woman so the costume is basically just his regular costume but in black with silver eyes and spider decals. Aside from the paint though, this figure looks just like classic Spider-Man.

Wall crawling black costume Spider-Man is articulated at the shoulders and neck. But really only the neck is useful for moving since the arms are required for balance. The sculpt on the figure overall is exceptionally well done and doesn’t suffer from the massive shoulders that plagued the other figures. The proportions look right with smaller limbs and torso.

Packed with Spider-Man is none other than Flint Marko, better known as Sandman! Showing off his powers, Sandman is wearing his iconic green striped shirt but has changed his legs into flowing sand and his fists into weapons.

The sand detail from the waist down is exceptional with the whole figure being textured. Throw in a few different coats of paint and the figure is great. Even the parts going from his arms down bleed allowing for a transitional look that works really well.

Sandman’s right hand has been replaced with a giant fist hammer. His left hand is a makeshift mace and both have painting that is just as good as his legs (well, where his legs should be). His shirt is crisp and clean with the appropriate alternating green stripes. Marko’s arms are even bulked up and it’s fitting since the shirt is part of him after the accident that gave him his powers.

The one oddity is the head. It clearly isn’t based off of Thomas Haden Church but none of the figures seem to be based off their respective actors too much. But the head looks nothing like Sandman. Like the Osborns, Sandman shares a unique hairstyle that looks absolutely absurd but has stuck around for years. This figure doesn’t have it. Part of it seems like the figure from the neck down was sculpted first and the head was a placeholder. It’s just that generic, it isn’t a bad head though. It doesn’t evoke Sandman when I see it. Sandman moves at the wrists and neck.

This pack is probably meant to match up with the scene where Spider-Man finds out that Sandman killed his uncle and hunted him down in the sewers. The black costume looks good and the pose is fun and fitting. Sandman once again shows how good he is as a toy. If you’re a fan of the films and these figures, it’s worth picking up.

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