Toy Review: Marvel Super Hero Squad – Mobile Command Center

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I’ve been sitting on this review for a few months because I haven’t been sure of the best way to review it. It’s one of the pricier items offered as part of the Super Hero Squad line and I know it wasn’t designed for collectors but I can’t keep putting it off, especially with the next wave of figures arriving this month.

Always keep the good guys one step ahead of the villains with this mighty and mobile three-in-one crime-fighting headquarters! Start out in 4×4 mode, when your speed-demon wheel can chase down enemies and then unfold the trailer into a command center! Send your Wolverine figure and his motorcycle zooming into action down one of the three ramps and then convert the detachable cab into an assault jet for the final unbeatable villain-fighting weapon! With a missile launcher accessory that attaches to both the command center and the jet vehicle and even a catapult-style figure launcher for super-surprise airborne attacks, the bad guys just don’t stand a chance!

There’s only one character that the Super Hero Squad loves almost as much as Spider-Man and that’s Wolverine. This set is no exception. Three vehicles and only one figure, of course they picked the one figure capable of riding the motorcycle in the pack.

This Wolverine figure has been painted two different ways and repacked another already and he isn’t that exciting of a figure. Designed to be bowlegged so he can ride the motorcycle, he’s sporting his tank top, jeans and cowboy boots. The first release back in Wave 5 was basic and seemed Wolverine-y enough, white beater, blue jeans. Nothing too weird. Then they repainted him for The Juggernaut Attacks and he got lighter jeans and a black tank top, again still fitting. Well, rationality has been thrown out the window with this figure.

Wolverine is sporting a black tank top with yellow stripes on the side. It looks hideous and isn’t helped at all by his tight, yellow pants. Such an eyesore makes it hard to look at the rest of the figure but he still isn’t that great of one. If he’s not on the bike, he looks slightly off. Wolverine is sporting the most basic articulation, both arms so he can grip the handlebars with his open hand while the clawed fist can scrap the ground.

The other small piece for the set is the motorcycle. It’s another piece that we’ve gotten several times over and still has the same flaws it did the first time. This version has a nice Iron Man paint scheme of red and yellow. The bike hasn’t changed otherwise, same two tires and the same lack of a kickstand that makes it fall over regularly. Combined with the fact that so few figures are capable of riding it, it feels like a disappointment especially when compared to the motorcycle that Ghost Rider came with.

Then there’s the actual Mobile Command Center which is an awkward amalgam of a car, jet, tractor trailer truck and fortress. With a rocket launcher on it. And the whole thing is painted in Iron Man colors: bright red and yellow. As an adult collector, this thing feels awkward, bulky and somewhat fragile. Looking back on my favorite playets from when I was a kid (I’m looking at you, Technodrome), this set has some great play value.

First up is the car/jet. I don’t know of any connection this has to the comics but I don’t watch the Super Hero Squad TV show, so there may be some connection I’m missing. The convertible becomes a plane with the push of a button on the hood which causes the wheels to pop out and wings to from behind it. The tired then take the look of turbines, which is a nice touch. Then again, Hasbro makes the Transformers so I would expect them to know how to do this kind of stuff successfully. And when it isn’t attached to the trailer, there’s a spot to attach the missile launcher! It works fine both ways which is a nice plus. That said, the paint and detailing is minimal and the stickers included are way too small for the headlights where they are supposed to go.

The trailer is an interesting piece that folds out partially into a fortress. With three doors that turn into ramps, it allows for a place to store the motorcyle or extra figures. On top there is a gray piece that acts as a catapult. There are two areas on top for the missile launcher to be attached. Half of the trailer folds out creating a playset. A word on the missile launchers though, maybe I grew up in a time when they really could take out your eye but this one is WEAK. It shoots maybe a foot and a half, if you’re lucky.

As a collector, there’s no way to really justify this purchase. The Wolverine figure is borderline hideous, and we’ve got plenty of motorcycles already. The fact that it retails at $30 doesn’t help either. Lately though, Toys R Us has had it marked down to $20, along with Collector’s Pack #3 which makes it a slightly better deal. But for a child, at $20 this isn’t that bad of a deal. A character, two vehicles and a playset is a solid purchase, especially with Super Hero Squad 2-packs getting close to $8 a pop.

Written by jestergoblin

November 20th, 2009 at 11:26 am

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