Star Wars Galactic Heroes Review: R3-S6 "Goldie" & Ahsoka Tano

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I’ve always talked about how much I love an evil mirror version of heroes but this pack may be the first time I’ve been left scratching my head. After all, of all the characters in the Star Wars universe that would benefit from having two of (like Boba and his dad Jango), R2-D2 was never high on my list of “I need an evil astromech droid!” But the evil Artoo isn’t why I grabbed this set – I just happen to have a weakness for chicks with light sabers.

From what I’ve gathered by briefly browsing its entry on Wookiepedia, R3-S6 is an astromech droid that was tampered with by General Grievous and just happens to be evil. He looks like R2-D2 only in black and gold. That’s pretty much it. He tried to betray Anakin and Ahsoka but ended up being thwarted by R2-D2 (yes, two droids without limbs fought). Am I the only one who hears Eric Cartman yelling, “CRIPPLE FIGHT!” Oh, and his nicknames include Goldie, Stubby and Arthree.

The figure is a repaint of Artoo that came with the jawas. What was white is now black; some of the blue is now gold. All the paint is well done, no slop or bleeding and glossy paint on his eye is excellent. He looks like an evil version of R2-D2. But what else is there really to say about this figure? He still moves at the shoulders and would greatly benefit from a rotating head. He’s an evil droid!

The other character in this park is Anakin’s padawan, Ahsoka Tano also known as Snips because during the Clone Wars everyone had nicknames! But I don’t know anything about her besides the fact that she’s orange and a teenager.

Ahsoka is a small figure. I know that’s not saying much since every female is undersized in this style but she’s really small even compared to the likes of Scarlet Witch or Invisible Woman. For some reason, Ahsoka doesn’t wear the traditional garb of the Jedi, instead she’s wearing a tube top, miniskirt, fingerless gloves, knee high boots and leggings. Seems more along the lines of a lady of the night than a Jedi padawan.

Ahsoka’s orange skin is vibrant while her zebra style hair is certainly unique, with the green jewelry and stars in it. Her light saber is pointing downwards and is cast in translucent green plastic. Her sculpt is pleasantly adorable, but it seems like an odd adaptation of her CGI look from the TV show. She only moves at the right shoulder because her hair prevents her neck from moving.

The big thing on this figure is the paint and that paint is atrocious. There are slops and bleeds on every part of her. Her orange skin bleeds down her hair, while the right arm isn’t even fully painted. The silver hilt of her light saber is mixed with her fingers and somehow is also on the cuff of her left glove. The paint on her tube top is chunky and just looks bad the second to take longer than a quick glance at her. All of the decals on her face look fine, like the stripes and eyes.

I grabbed this pack because I thought Ahsoka had a good design and I’m a sucker for girls with light sabers. But between the sheer boringness of Goldie and the atrocious paint job on Ahsoka, I feel disappointed. Maybe if you’re really attached to the characters, you’ll like this pack. But seeing as I recent grabbed a set with R2-D2 and two jawas in it for the same price, this pack just feels like a letdown.

Written by jestergoblin

May 8th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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