Marvel Super Hero Squad Mega Pack Review – Sentinel & Unmasked Wolverine

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After Hasbro bought the rights to Marvel in terms of toys, I have to make a decision: either continue collecting Marvel Legends or to quit. Shortly after Hasbro unveiled their first wave of Marvel Legends, I was less than impressed and decided I would focus on something else. Combined with moving and a desire to have my stuff take up less space, I was drawn to the Super Hero Squad and two packs were responsible for my adoration of these figures.

I had absolutely adored the Spider-Man & Friends version of Green Goblin and loved the style. So when I saw the upcoming version of the Sentinel, I knew this was the line for me.

He can heal any injury, and his claws can slice through anything!

Wolverine marks the first variant in Super Hero Squad line. From the neck down, he is identical to the version released in Wave 1. So he still suffers from the awkward stance and the far too thick claws. His paint is still decent but even the best paint can’t save a poor sculpt.

The head is an entirely new piece but it somehow manages to make the overall figure look worse. Unmasked variants tend to be a popular choice for many heroes – especially Wolverine since he doesn’t seem to care much about hiding his identity or protecting his face since he can just regenerate.

Wolverine’s head just looks weird. Logan has a very distinct hair style that ends up looking more like the Pointy-Haired Boss from Dilbert. From the forehead down, I think he looks far too much like Bruce Campbell. So the sculpt isn’t that bad, it just doesn’t look anything like the feral Canadian! Wolverine stills moves at the arms and neck.

These giant robots search the globe for mutants to capture!

If there is one thing toy lines tend to gloss over, it’s genocide. Between the generic German mechanic in Adventure Heroes and the mutant capturing Sentinels, Hasbro clearly wants to avoid certain subjects. The Sentinel is one of the first mega sized figures released in the Super Hero Squad. Instead of the standard 2 inch figures, this one towers over them at almost 7 inches tall!

The Sentinel is based off the Mark II design (yep, same number system as Iron Man) which many people recognize as the style of the ones in the X-Men animated series of the early 90s. But the figure has taken a few more modern updates. Where his plates aren’t covering him, the Sentinel “muscles” are revealed as being a collection or wires and pistons that help make him look more robotic and inhuman.

The rest of the figure’s sculpt is incredibly well done. The plates are smooth and his hands have fingers that look jointed and blasters on the palms. But for me, the biggest draw from the figure is all about the head.

Sentinels have odd heads; they look like they’re wearing snow caps for hats. Most versions of Sentinels have empty eyes and a square hole to represent the mouth. But this figure embraces the Heroes style and turns up the cuteness with a dash of unsettling creepiness! The eyes are bright green and look pretty normal but once you seen the mouth they take on a whole different meaning. The Sentinel’s mouth is a giant, tooth barring smile! It’s absolutely adorable and exceptionally unsettling because this is a robot programmed to commit genocide!

The paint on the Sentinel is well done too. The two shades of purple have a metallic sheen that makes him look somewhat like metal while the gray cables help add some depth to the look. A few details are painted, like the hand blasters, the eyes and mouth. The center of the chest is a sticker, which was probably the right choice since trying to paint orange over purple is near impossible.

To make the most of his giant stature, the Sentinel gets extra articulation over most Super Hero Squad and other Heroes figures (except Storm Shadow because he’s incredible). The Sentinel moves at the neck, shoulders, waist and wrists allowing him to hunt down plenty of unrulely mutants.

When this pack first debuted, it was priced at $10 which was very reasonable for one giant figure and one small one. While Wolverine is probably one of the most disappointing figures ever released in the line, the Sentinel is a shining beacon of what the Super Hero Squad is about – iconic Marvel characters done in an adorable style!

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May 10th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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