Spider-Man Super Hero Squad Review: Spider-Man & Ultimate Rhino

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The first wave of the Spider-Man Super Hero Squad made a lot of sense. They took four Spider-Man figures and paired him up with the four bad guys that showed up in the film (Green Goblin did make an appearance). But with the second wave, they only had one bad guy from the movies left: Doc Ock. A wave consisting of one pack wouldn’t be too exciting so Hasbro got creative. Drawing from the video game that was a huge disappointment, Spider-Man got some classic villains to face off against.

Like most packs themed around a movie, the titular hero is included once again. Still in his movie costume, this marks the first normal Spider-Man figure released in the Super Hero Squad! The sculpt is similar to the other Spider-Man figures released – raised webbing on the red suit with smooth navy in between. Thankfully, Spider-Man doesn’t suffer from giant-shoulder-syndrome that plagued his cousins.

What does set Spidey apart is his pose. It’s a fantastic look that feels like Spider-Man. His right arm is on the ground while his left is web shooting. He’s low to the ground with his legs out stretched, making him about a head shorter than the average Heroes figure. Sadly, the paint doesn’t help the sculpt out at all. The silver webs are messy, especially on the face where they don’t line up with the sculpt. Spider-Man moves at the shoulders.

Packed with Spider-Man is one of his animal themed adversaries: the Rhino! A character who is little more than a Russian in a big suit, what Rhino lacks in brains, he more than makes up for in brawn. Instead of going with the classic costume, Rhino is in his Ultimate look. His suit is more reminiscent of Iron Man or a Sentinel. It’s clearly mechanical with cables and overlapping plates. The armor is three different shades of gray and much more intricate than you’d initially expect.

Rhino’s shoulders both have three spikes jutting out of them that match the two on his head. I like the design overall, it looks more like a guy who was inspired by a rhino instead of a guy tried to make his suit look like a rhino.

But there is one part of Rhino that doesn’t make sense: his face. In the Ultimate Universe, the R.H.I.N.O. suit was created by Trask Industries (yes, the same Trask that created the Sentinels) and inside it housed a small man. So the face is supposed to be a mechanical monstrosity that looks vaguely human. Instead of giant red eyes, Rhino has baby blue eyes that are almost identical to those of Luminara in Galactic Heroes. Combined with the fact that his mouth is clam, the figure looks way too collected.

While the face is an amalgam of his 616 and Ultimate counterparts, Rhino’s sporting some excellent articulation. While his legs and torso are immobile with the body being thrusted forward, his shoulders are articulated. The shoulders are articulated at such an angle that Rhino can have his fits coming together in front of his face to charge or to have them coming out of his sides. Both poses look great. Rhino also moves at the neck.

This pack shows Hasbro’s willingness to expand beyond the movie franchise while keeping the Super Hero Squad main line from becoming oversaturated with Spider-Man characters. Spider-Man has a great pose but the paint hurts. Rhino is a fine representation of his Ultimate look and continues the theme started with the Fantastic Four of drawing inspiration from all aspects of Marvel.

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May 12th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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