Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Avengers Face-Off 5-Pack

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It’s interesting for me going back through the old Super Hero Squad figures that I’ve gotten over the years. The best is when I discover something new on packs that I’ve owned for several years now. The Avengers Face-Off managed to drop a bombshell on me: it contains a new character that I never noticed, hidden between the two repacks and two repaints.

The Super Human Registration Act has passed, and all of the heroes are forced to pick sides. Leading the drive for registration is the invincible Iron Man, whose incredible armor represents the awesome force of industry and technology. On the other side is a man who was once his friend – Captain America, the living symbol of hope and freedom for all Americans, and all freedom-loving people around the world. Whose side are you on?

Like the Danger Room Debacle, Avengers Face-Off has excellent packaging. Instead of the Danger Room, this pack’s half circle display is a ruined city. The packaging even has a crater in the front! It’s very well done and worth keeping.

On the side of the Anti-Registration forces, Captain America is leading the charge with his Secret Avengers. The figure is a direct repack of the figure that was released in Wave 1. Captain America’s sculpt is still decent. His chain mail is all sculpted and his flared boots and gloves keep his look iconic.

Cap still suffers from two issues: an oddly hunched back and the eyes. His eyebrows are outside of his mask and his face still looks far too crazy. Captain America moves at the waist and arms.

Another classic Avenger is a repack, the Wasp. While Janet didn’t have much of a role in Civil War, she is a founding member of the group. Plus, they already had the sculpt and couldn’t include Hawkeye in this pack since he was Ronin at the time. Wasp is still unarticulated and mine got warped in the packaging which makes her impossible to stand.

My biggest gripe is that of all the characters to do a straight repack of, Wasp is the one of the worst choices. This is one of those characters who have constantly changed her costume! A simple repaint could have gone a long way here.

To face off against Captain America is Iron Man! The face of the Super Human Registration Act, Iron Man is sporting a new suit that is just a repaint of his figure from Wave 1. Tony is now decked out in shiny, metallic red and gold. The paint is similar to that used on the Sentinel.

Iron Man’s new coat of paint is just that, it’s not terribly exciting but fits in with what Iron Man would do. He’s constantly tinkering with his armor. The sculpt is still great looking but I find the detailed eyes unsettling. This version of Iron Man is also launching off a black cloud of smoke. Iron Man moves at the waist, neck and shoulders.

In another move that clearly was more part of the fact that Hasbro had only waves 1 and 2 when these 5-packs were released at Toys R Us, this pack includes the Hulk. During Civil War, Hulk was nowhere to be found. In fact, he wasn’t even on the planet during the events of Civil War!

Hulk got a major repaint and is probably the biggest draw of this pack for collectors: he’s gray. When Hulk first debuted, he was gray. But because of unrefined printing processes, the shade of gray changed from panel to panel so in the second issue they switched to green.

Hulk is just cast in gray plastic, which gives the figure a major toy feel because of how glossy the figure looks. Hulk’s only paint is his navy shorts, face and hair. It’s all well done and uneventful. But I have no reason why a gray Hulk would be included in a set about Civil War. Hulk still moves at the waist and shoulders.

Then there is the final figure in the pack. At first glance, I thought he was just Thor with slightly better paint job. But then I read the back of the box and realized this isn’t Thor – it’s Ragnarok, the clone of Thor created by Reed Richards, Tony Stark and Hank Pym to fight the anti-registration group! If you want the figure to just be Thor, it works out fine too though.

Ragnarok’s look is based off the classic Thor costume, so it makes sense for him to be a repaint of the pudgy version from Wave 2. Ragnarok got a few extra paint applications that really add the amount of detail on the figure. His boots, body and wrists all got extra details. Ragnarok moves at the shoulders.


As a pack meant to be about Civil War, this one doesn’t make much sense. Hulk and Wasp have no place being here, but since it consists of entirely repaints, it’s a fine instant Avengers line-up. I still can’t believe I went three years without realizing this pack was supposed to be based on Civil War and included Ragnarok of all characters. Or maybe I’m just giving Hasbro way too much credit and this is just a cheap pack of repaints and repacks.

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