Transformers Robot Heroes Review: Grimlock & Shockwave

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Transformers fall into two different categories: those that look best in their robot mode and those that look best in their transformed mode. The first few waves of Robot Heroes took the Transformers and put all of them in their robot modes but there’s one Autobot that is almost always better when he’s transformed.

Grimlock is king! Made to appeal to boys who love robots and dinosaurs, Grimlock is the best of both worlds. A true testament to his power is that he managed to survive Transformers: the Movie. Sure, he’s a robot who can’t speak properly and has an appetite for destruction what would make some Decepticons blush. But what’s the point of getting a Dinobot if it can never be a dinosaur? While I understand the desire to have everyone match up in terms of being transformed, Grimlock should have been the exception.

In his robot mode, Grimlock just isn’t as exciting. Sure, he looks like a badass warrior and all but he’s not a Tyrannosaurus Rex. One thing that sets Grimlock apart from other Transformers though is the amount of kibble on him. Unlike everyone else, Grimlock uses his to give himself what look like a set of wings. And how come no one ever mentions the fact that the t-rex transforms into an angel?

Grimlock’s stance has a built in hunch that makes him look more savage. His right arm is holding his sword. The mechanical nature of Grimlock is well sculpted with him appropriately bulky. He’s even got his dinosaur head just hanging off his back! The best little piece of personality though is his face. Grimlock’s visor is two different sides so he looks like he’s got one eyebrow raised. Grimlock moves at the shoulders. He really could have benefitted from wrist articulation.

The paint is pretty good for the most part. Grimlock is mostly silver with black hands, thighs and head and a gold chest. His sword is almost painted red along with both sets of eyes. Pretty much the rest of Grimlock’s design is done with decals, like his shoulder stripes, kneecaps, toes, chest emblem and crotch lines (I don’t know what else to call them). In one odd piece of oversight, only three of his four wrist spikes got painted gold. The bottom one on his left hand was just left unpainted.

For this fight, the Autobots sent their most savage warrior, but the Decepticons sent their coldest, most calculating fighter: Shockwave. The Spock of the Transformers Universe, Shockwave lead the Decepticon army with his well thought-out plans. He always reminded me of a cross between Megatron and Soundwave.

Unlike most Transformers, Shockwave never bothered to take an alternate mode once they arrived on earth. Instead, he kept his ability to transform into a laser cannon. While the figure doesn’t transform, Shockwave still keeps his left arm as a cannon that would make Megatron jealous. While most Transformers took one characteristics that made them look more human, Shockwave never bothered. His oddly shaped head with a single eye set him apart from the rest of his kin.

As a toy, this figure is fantastic. I love it whenever toys can pull double duty. A good robot toy can be both a fantastic character and a machine for heroes to fight. Thankfully, Shockwave maintains this balance exquisitely. The purple robot could be at home against any hero with his flat face, gun arm and sheer bulky design. The sculpt looks great, and none of it inhibits his articulation since the cable on his gun connect at the shoulder and forearm. Shockwave moves at the neck and shoulders.

Shockwave’s paint is flawless and very accurate but one part looks a little weird. The figure is cast in purple plastic with silver detailing on the legs, toes, shoulders and horns. But his hand, gun tip and chest are painted in metallic lavender that just seems a little weird. Shockwave’s single eye is bronze while his chest decal is centered.

I love the Robot Hero line since it finally gives collectors screen accurate versions of their favorite robots. Sure, I would have loved a Grimlock in his dinosaur mode but getting one that matches the rest of the figures released makes sense too. As for Shockwave, I love the character design and adore this purple figure. Any kid or collector would find these adorable robots amusing.

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May 23rd, 2010 at 12:00 am

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