G.I. Joe Combat Heroes Review: Cobra Commander & Roadblock

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I think the real reason I love Combat Heroes, Galactic Heroes, Robot Heroes, Adventure Heroes and Super Hero Squad so much is that it lets me relive my youth with toys that are the same scale. Growing up, it always bothered me when toys weren’t in scale with each other. So G.I. Joe and Star Wars figures lived in one area while Transformers were in another and Ninja Turtles were in another section. Hell, I wouldn’t let my Mega Bloks and Lego mix together. So being able to get Cobra Commander the same size as Darth Vader and Doctor Doom is so many different kinds of awesome.

The leader of the terrorist organization COBRA is the faceless Cobra Commander! I don’t know why so many bad guys insisted on wearing hoods and helmets in the 80s, but all the cool villains did it. Megatron, Shredder, Boba Fett, Magneto, Skeletor and even Cobra Commander wore them! Maybe it’s just easier to animate.

Cobra Commander is in his powder blue suit with mirrored faceplate, best known as being the suit he wears into battle. The suit is reminiscent of a military uniform. The collared jacket with matching dress pants make Cobra Commander look very professional. The sculpt is well done, with all the buttons sculpted in. He’s even got pack pockets sculpted into his pants! Cobra Commander’s back shows off the holster where his gun would be kept if it wasn’t in his hand. His face is blank and looks right.

Most of Cobra Commander is just the blue plastic the figure is cast in. His gloves, boots and belt are painted black while his buckle and buttons are bronze. The silver used on his face is just metallic enough since it’s painted instead of being the impossible to photograph vac metalized. His gun is a dark gray but there is one more instance of color.

Cobra Commander’s chest has a giant COBRA emblem on it and a single red line is running down his right leg. It adds some color to the figure and shows that these are his fancy pants but the same detail isn’t on his left leg! Cobra Commander moves at the waist, shoulder and barely at the neck.

A great thing about Combat Heroes is that heroes and villains are always paired together allowing for instant battles. Representing the real American heroes is Roadblock: the rhyming chef who just happens to carry a gun bigger than you.

Roadblock worked the artillery for G.I. Joe and carried a .50 caliber machinegun. That may not seem that impressive until you realize that it’s the same gun often attached to a tank. While Roadblock’s figure is about the same height as other Combat Heroes, he’s about twice the size. This is a massive figure.

Roadblock’s machine gun is longer than Cobra Commander is tall and is one hell of an impressive looking gun. It’s even got an ammo belt coming out of it and dragging on the floor. Roadblock is wearing basic attire, a camouflage tank top, baggy tan pants, massive black boots, neon green gloves and of course, suspenders.

The bare arms are well done and look just cartoony enough without becoming terrifyingly large. Roadblock’s smiling face is well done with proper facial hair, though his eyebrows are absurdly long. The paint is all well done with no bleeding. The bright green used on the gloves and tank top may be a little too vibrant for some. I would have preferred if the greens had been switched, but since these are technically kids’ toys, it’s okay. What’s most amazing is that each bullet in the ammo belt is painted copper!

The big downside for Roadblock is articulation. Thankfully, his pose looks good so essentially being immobile isn’t a huge loss. Roadblock moves at the waist and shoulders, but the gun inhibits all of the movement, so it can barely move his shoulders and can just turn at the waist.

Both figures have very minor flaws that keep them from being absolutely perfect, but they’re so very close. Cobra Commander is just missing a line of paint and Roadblock just needs a dash more of articulation. At the end though, it doesn’t matter because they’re still excellent figures and fantastic representations of their cartoon counterparts.

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May 20th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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