Marvel Super Hero Squad Mega Pack Review: Galactus & Human Torch

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A benefit of the Mega figures in the Super Hero Squad is it allows for fluctuations in scale without devouring your wallet. The last time I bought Galactus, I had to shell out $50 for the set of Marvel Legends to get all 7 pieces. Man, remember when Marvel Legends were only $7 each? But these larger figures open up a whole new realm of possibilities of characters that can be done right!

Human Torch is a hotheaded, supersonic, fireball-blasting hero!

Each of the Mega Packs pairs a giant figure up with a related Super Hero Squad variant. Instead of pairing Galactus up with his herald, Galactus comes with a variant of the Human Torch! A repaint of the figure that came out in wave 3, this toy really shows how much a different coat of paint can change a figure.

Johnny Storm is cast in translucent plastic that crosses between reds, yellows and oranges, giving him a fantastic look that is world’s better than the plain orange one that first was released. Human Torch is still unarticulated but the lack of paint really helps cover up some of the flaws on the first release.

While the figure is still noticeable wearing gloves, that’s the only area where his sculpt is off. The face looks much better now that it doesn’t have to balance between painted and unpainted. The only paint details on the figure are his eyes and the 4 emblem on his chest.

Galactus travels through space looking for tasty planets to eat!

But the real draw of this pack is the devourer of worlds: Galactus! An entity that exists beyond comprehension, Galactus is a force of nature. He’s often painted as a bad guy, but he’s no more evil than the Ice Storm of ’98 or a hurricane, he just is.

Designed by Jack Kirby, Galactus certainly has an interesting look. An assortment of sharp angles and an odd color palate, Galactus looks like a source of confusion not chaos. Still, how people see him is based on their own perceptions, not his so you can’t blame him for the face that people see him as a giant in purple and blue wearing a kilt and some absurd helmet.

At almost a towering 7 inches, Galactus looks great from the neck down. His style is just cartoony enough with oversized feet and hands while the paint and sculpt are well done. Galactus’s chest has a stylized G on it that was added years later but it looks enough like some weird symbol so it’s okay. Galactus is as super articulated as these figures can get with articulated waist, wrists, shoulders and neck.

But the weird part of Galactus is the figure’s head. He’s been seriously cutesified. His pupils are circles instead of squares and his mouth is just so weird. It’s a cross between a smile and biting the lip. Combined with the cartoony eyes, Galactus looks really worried. Given the fact that he’s paired up with a guy on fire, he looks like a kid who doesn’t know what to do. Should he help this little guy? Galactus looks conflicted.

While the face is the big oddity, the figure isn’t that bad. This is probably the best version of Johnny Storm as the Human Torch too since it just looks so good with the clear plastic. Sure, a pack that included Silver Surfer would have made more sense but at least this pack didn’t pair the Devourer of Worlds up with someone like Spider-Man or Iron Man.

Marvel Super Hero Squad Mega Packs Wave 1
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May 14th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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