G.I. Joe Combat Heroes Review: Snake Eyes & Timber SDCC '08 Exclusive

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The San Diego Comic Con has grown drastically over the last decade. What was once a sanctuary for nerds has transformed into a pop culture circus that is no longer about the comics. One popular thing toy companies do is the SDCC exclusive figures. Hasbro and Mattel represent two drastically different views of what the convention toy should be. Hasbro sees it as a chance to give back to the fans something fun and different, but if you can’t make it to the con, don’t worry because it always goes up on Hasbro Toy Shop for retail price. Mattel on the other hand, seems to see SDCC as a trial by fire where only the lucky few will get a chance to buy the exclusive toy and even then, there’s still some variant you’ll never see.

In 2008 at SDCC, Hasbro was in the middle of the big G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary and had a few fantastic exclusives to buy, like Cobra Commander in a suit with a podium. But they also unveiled their newest addition to the Heroes world: Combat Heroes! This first look at the G.I. Joe Combat Heroes is a fine one and includes the always classic Snake Eyes and his wolf, Timber!

Snake Eyes is based on his original cartoon appearance. He looks like a modern ninja who is far too ready for battle instead of the commando look. This figure immediately showed the line was going more along the lines of Super Hero Squad over Galactic Heroes in terms of dynamic posing. Snake Eyes has both his sword and his Uzi drawn and is posed ready for battle.

The pose is very well done and that skill continues into the figure’s sculpt. Snake Eyes is armed with grenades along the chest and straps and pouches. His visor is reminiscent of a knight’s. Snake Eye’s Uzi is a fantastic balance of cartoony and detail, while his drawn scimitar is a vicious looking weapon that’s serrated near the hilt.

The articulation is worth noting since it goes beyond most other figures. Snake Eyes moves at the waist, shoulders and right hand. Without a scabbard, he has full waist movement allowing for some fantastic poses. The whole figure is two colors: black and gray. The paint is clean and there’s no bleeding anywhere. He really looks like Snake Eyes.

The other half of this exclusive is Snake Eye’s pet wolf: Timber! One of the few animals released in any of the Heroes lines, Timber looks awfully adorable. Instead of making him a vicious wolf, Timber is a cute dog!

Timber is well sculpted with minimal fur details that add just enough coverage to make the figure look like a good balance of cartoon and toy. His tail is up in the air (and probably would be wagging if it could) while three of his paws are on the floor for balance. Timber’s face is the most adorable part though with his big blue eyes and pink tongue hanging out.

The paint is well done with a dry brush effect that makes the top of Timber gray while his underside is white. The blue eyes are a decal and centered well. Even the pink used on the tongue and nose is clean. Timber only has one point of articulation, the neck which doesn’t add much but allows for some different expressions.

As a two-pack, this one is a little light since Timber clearly isn’t the same as a full figure. But given how some Galactic Heroes packs give you far less and charge more, it’s a fine set. As an exclusive, this one was easy to obtain and makes it great. I hate exclusives that make collectors feel like they need to get the set, usually because the character is an essential one. In this case, Snake Eyes was getting released in the first wave with a different sword and paint job (and then again with an even more different paint job). That other set also includes a little version of Timber. Sure, this set isn’t groundbreaking but it was a fantastic way to whet one’s appetite for the Combat Heroes.

Written by jestergoblin

May 16th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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