Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Beast & Iceman

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The first wave of the Super Hero Squad was a decent start to filling out Marvel’s band of mutant misfits, but with only Cyclops and Angel released, over half the founding members were unaccounted for. But this pack brings two of the three out: Beast and Iceman!

For many years, Hank McCoy wasn’t a blue, furry monster. He originally just had oversized hands and feet and absurd natural athletic abilities. But instead of being portrayed as a dumb jock, Stan Lee decided to go in the opposite direction by making him a genius. But after drinking one of his experiments, Beast turned into the blue furball he’s most recognized as today.

Beast was made for the Heroes style of oversized feet and hands since he had them from the start. Looking like he jumped off the cover of X-Men 1 by Jim Lee, Beast is a blue guy in shorts. To show off his furriness, Beast’s arms and legs are sculpted with a tiny bit of fur on them, just enough to evoke the idea of fur without turning his sculpt into a spiky mess. Though I wish the figure just had a little bit more bulk to it.

Beast’s hands are absolutely massive, about three times the size of other Heroes figures. His finger nails and toe nails are pointed and painted white giving Beast some necessary color. Beast’s hair looks like he started taking style tips from Wolverine and is a darker shade of blue. His eyes and eyebrows are also blue, and in a disappointing move, his teeth are normal – no fangs!

Since most of Beast’s costume comes from his fur, the only actual costume piece is his navy blue Speedo with a yellow belt and a red X emblem. It’s well painted like the rest of the figure. For articulation, Beast moves at the waist and shoulders. It’s the average amount of articulation but Beast is known for being super agile. The figure can easily balance on his hands though for some more Beast-like poses.

Along with Beast comes the other blue X-Man: Bobby Drake as Iceman! A mutant gifted with the powers of being an accountant and cryokinesis, Iceman was another founding member of the X-Men. Often portrayed as being a joker, Iceman has remained popular over the years.

When Iceman first was drawn, his powers manifested as him covering himself in a layer of snow. This later was shown to be a sign that Bobby was just lazy and had no interest in pushing himself to maximize his full potential as an Omega-level mutant. This figure shows Iceman in his ice mode.

Cast in translucent blue plastic, Iceman is a great foil to the Human Torch. Since the only paint of Iceman is his white snowball and eyes on his face, the figure has to rely on sculpt alone. Iceman as a whole looks a little soft, like he’s been eating too many donuts. The only sculpted details are the X belt he’s wearing and his mouth, the rest of him is just translucent blue that looks great for showing off his powers.

In Bobby’s left hand is a snowball. It looks off since it is a different style from his base. I would have preferred if the figure didn’t have it at all. For traveling, Iceman learned to make ice slides. To show off this power, Iceman is standing on one. Painted white with some light blue airbrushing, the ice slide looks great. The paint makes it look like ice and not just a wave painted white.

While I like the ice slide, I wish it were removable. It does add some height and makes Iceman about a head taller than the average figure. Iceman only moves at the shoulders.

This two-pack is one of the rare ones that were impossible to find shortly after being released. Since then, both Beast and Iceman have gotten new figures but this is the best version of Beast released and Iceman is solid figure. Now if only Hasbro would release a box set of the original X-Men in their original costumes (or X-Factor costumes, I’m not picky).

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May 22nd, 2010 at 12:00 am

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