Toy Story 3 Buddy Pack Review: Buzz Lightyear & Twitch

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You’d think, given my hobbies, that I would absolutely adore Toy Story. I mean, I kind of collect these chunks of plastic. I remember seeing the first Toy Story when it came out and I was 10, and then I vaguely recall seeing Toy Story 2 on VHS when it first came out. So in preparation for the third installment coming out this summer, I’ve added both to my Netflix queue. But once the Toy Story 3 Buddy Packs started coming out, I was told to get at least a few of them. So like my rules concerning Galactic Heroes, I will track down figures based on the first movie or just happen to look really cool.

The first pack I grabbed met both requirements. It contains one of the two main characters, Buzz Lightyear and Twitch, the newcomer to the series. The great thing about Toy Story character designs is the fact that they are toys. Suddenly odd joints and weird proportions are expected.

The Toy Story license has jumped around several toy companies over the last decade but now it is Mattel’s turn. The Toy Story Buddy Packs are done in the same vein as the Super Hero Squad and Action League: two small figures about 2 inches tall paired together. Of course, with this being Mattel, that means three out of four packs include either Buzz Lightyear or Sheriff Woody.

Buzz Lightyear is a space ranger. Well, he’s a toy who thought he was a space ranger and then accepted he was just a toy of a space ranger. Basically, he’s the toy that represents everything that is awesome to kids and the bane of all collectors: action features up the wazoo. Thankfully, the Buddy version doesn’t have those, he’s just a figure.

Buzz is in his classic outfit of a white space suit. The details have been toned down to make the figure look less cluttered. But all the details are there from the chest pieces to the purple wings. His helmet is a half dome cast in clear plastic that leaves his face exposed.

Buzz’s pose looks fantastic. His fists rest on his thighs allowing him to be in that iconic super hero pose. But once you move the arms, he goes from a super hero to that guy at your cousin’s wedding who had too much to drink, thinks he’s an astronaut and is doing the chicken dance. Or he looks like he’s flexing his muscles. Buzz only moves at the shoulders and waist but not the neck. For a figure this size though, it’s enough. Plus how much could a guy in a space suit move his neck?

The paint on Buzz is very well done. The idea of a suit being white, green, purple and red just sounds like a recipe for disaster but it works. All the paint is well done and the details on his chest are crisp. He’s even got his laser beam painted on his right hand! The face is also well done with Buzz’s blue eyes and the swirl on his chin, because he’s manly.

Paired up with this version of Buzz is a newcomer to the Toy Story mythos: Twitch! From what I’ve gathered, Twitch has no real role in the upcoming Toy Story 3 but that doesn’t change the fact that he looks awesome.

Twitch is clearing inspired by the popular boys’ toys of the 80s and early 90s, he’s a giant mantis wearing armor and wielding a mace. It’s definitely the kind of the figure the 8 year old version of me would have loved; I mean he looks like a cross between He-Man and a Ninja Turtle!

When Twitch’s toy was first spotted on eBay, many people assumed it was for an upcoming Batman the Brave and the Bold Action League figure. The design is close, but not exact. The big difference is that Twitch is about a head shorter than Batman.

Twitch is a good looking mutant mantis. His boots have two spiky toes, while his gloves look like Batman’s. His chest harness reminds me of Hawkman, especially since Twitch has a giant mace and clear wings made of rubber glued to his back. His giant bug eyes are huge and painted in an odd metallic orange. His face and torso are also sculpted to show off his carapace.

The paint is clean for the most part with two exceptions. His eyes look weird, but that’s just the fact that orange paint doesn’t really cover green plastic. The other oddity is that the head of his mace is painted yellow while the handle is just cast in yellow plastic. And no, the mace is not removable. Twitch moves at the waist, neck and shoulders.

As my first Toy Story 3 Buddy Pack, this one is really good. Buzz has a great pose and fantastic paint. Twitch, while a tad undersized for my preference, is a fantastic generic green mutant bug. Need an alien for Buzz to fight? Twitch can do that! Need some giant bug gladiator to fight in your twisted toy arena? He’s great for that too. As a toy with no history, he has to stand on his design and he does.

Written by jestergoblin

May 19th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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