Toy Story 3 Buddy Pack Review: Sheriff Woody & Trixie the Triceratops

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I knew I had to get the Buzz & Twitch Toy Story 3 Buddy Pack when I first saw it just based on the fact that it was a space ranger and a mutant mantis. But I also knew I needed to get a figure of Sheriff Woody for my Toy Story collection. So while browsing the pegs, I passed on several different pairings of Woody and Buzz since I’m trying to keep duplicates to a minimum. But then I saw a set that I liked: Woody and Trixie the triceratops!

Unlike Buzz, Woody is a figure from a different time. Back when action features were just a piece of string on a ring that could be pulled to make the toy talk. Sure, if that string ever got cut, the toy would become a mute but that’s not the point. So while Buzz is designed to be an action figure, Woody is more like an oversized Mego. So to convert him into miniature style takes a bit more effort.

Instead of taking the route of stylizing the figures a la Batman the Brave and the Bold Action League, the Toy Story Buddy Packs figures are just smaller versions of the characters. So Woody doesn’t have oversized hands or feet. In fact, he looks pretty much like a two and a half inch tall Woody would, but that makes him taller than most figures. Woody is about as tall as Abe Sapien.

The first thing that jumped out at me when I took the figure out of the package is the pose. It doesn’t look like much until you realize he’s balanced on his right foot and only the left heel. And more amazing that that is that the figure wasn’t warped at all in the package! He’s able to stand just fine. It’s absolutely amazing!

The rest of the figure is well done. Woody’s sculpt is odd since it tries to take his cloth toy and turn it into plastic. So he’s got large calves that make it look like he has thin knees without making the figure snap. His arms are blocky and remind me of Gumby. Woody’s holster is on his hip and he’s even got a drawstring ring on his back! The head looks kind of out of place, like it’s too big and too round. But that works since the toy of buddy had a plastic head while the rest of him was made of cloth.

The only point of articulation on Woody is his neck, but that’s probably for the best I’m not sure his spindly limbs could handle moving without breaking.

While Woody is mostly unarticulated, his paint is fantastically done as well. His blue jeans contrast with his yellow shirt. His cow hide vest looks good and his gold sheriff badge is bright and crisp. He’s even got his red handkerchief around his neck and red piping on his shirt. Even the button on his right cuff, which can’t be seen normally, is painted.

This pack also takes a classic character from the first film and pairs them up with a new one. In this case, Buddy comes with Trixie the triceratops. Growing up my brother absolutely loved dinosaurs and I remember we had this inflatable T-Rex that was twice my size at the time (so probably like 4 feet tall, maybe only 3). But the best dinosaur toys we had came from our bank, where kids would get dinosaur toys for having a savings account. I still don’t know if my parents had to pay for them or what, but I remember we had some awesome triceratops and allosauruses.

The only thing I know about Trixie comes from the fact that her character is voiced by Kristen Schaal. She’s Mel in Flight of the Conchords so I’m sure her character will be borderline stalkerish and creepy in a hilarious way. I also am willing to bet she will act as Rex’s love interest even though he’s a tyrannosaurus rex and would devour her.

Trixie is a dark light blue (I guess that cancels out to just blue) with purple and gray details. Her sculpt is pretty basic. I mean, she looks like a cartoony triceratops. She has a giant head along with stubby legs and tail. Trixie only moves at the neck. It’s odd that she wasn’t sculpted to have her scales like her model does.

One odd part of Trixie is how the corners of her mouth are sculpted. There is a circle that is detailed like is has scales, but the rest of the figure is just smooth. Her mouth also curves upwards into a smile.

The paint is pretty basic but well done. Trixie has three purple stripes along her back, while her horns, tummy, toes and head ridge are done in a light gray. Her eyes are just white with black pupils that don’t have any eyelashes or anything. It seems that Mattel didn’t do more to make this character a “girl.” Unless they wanted the figure to easily double as just a generic dinosaur.

This two-pack is pretty satisfying as a whole. Trixie works great as either a character or just as a generic dinosaur toy. Sure, as a generic cartoony dinosaur the price point may be a little too high especially since the character’s design is so basic. As for Woody, he’s a great version of the sheriff but I don’t see how Mattel is going to be able to get many poses out of him without him falling victim to the balancing toy gods.

Written by jestergoblin

May 24th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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