Adventure Heroes Review: Cairo Indiana Jones & Marion Ravenwood with a snake

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A two-pack containing a scruffy hero and a beautiful green-eyed girl – I feel like I just reviewed this pack! But this one rounds out the last of the Indiana Jones Adventure Heroes packs by giving us the last of the Raiders of the Lost Ark figures!

Indiana Jones isn’t always a character that leads himself to good toy variants. You’ve basically got Indiana Jones with jacket on and jacket off, that’s about it. But there is one disguise for Indy that works: his Cairo undercover outfit!

Decked out in robes and a turban, Indiana doesn’t look like his normal self. Similar to Sallah and the Cairo Swordsman, Indy is wearing a set of cream robes to infiltrate a Nazi digging camp. He’s got his trusty man purse on his side and is holding the Staff of Ra which is topped with a golden emblem of a phoenix. Indy moves at the shoulders and right wrist.

Indiana’s costume is well painted with the brown bag and shoes being clean without bleeding while his white turban and belt look good. He’s sporting a serious 5 o’clock shadow and the face just doesn’t really look like Indiana Jones at all.  His staff is brown with a gold top and the phoenix’s eye is painted red. It’s basic but adds some nice extra details, but the staff is rather flimsy and bends very easily.

Good heroes usually have a solid love interest, expect Batman. Han Solo has Leia, Snake Eyes has Scarlet, Frodo has Sam and Luke also has Leia. This pack includes Marion Ravenwood, the bar owning vixen! Of course, it’s another one of those awkward relationships since Marion was 17 and Indiana was 27 when they started having a relationship.

Marion is wearing her classic outfit from her time in Cairo: billowy fabrics in red and white. The figure does a solid job of showing off her outfit and the top has very impressive detailing with red x’s all over it for cross stitching. She’s wearing sandals and in her left arm she’s holding a monkey in a vest. It’s the same capuchin monkey that ate a poisoned date and died.

The figure’s face is clearly trying to mimic Karen Allen’s grin but it falls a little short. Instead her face looks forced, like the Joker got to her. Throw in her unsettling green eyes that look empty and vacant and you’ve got a figure that I don’t want looking at me!

The rest of the figure is decent though, but the articulation is lacking. Marion moves at the waist and her left arm is articulated but the monkey prevents it from moving much.

If this pack just contained Indiana Jones and Marion, it would be a fine pack. But like Sallah’s set, this one also includes a cobra! It’s the same little accessory about an inch tall and cast in green plastic. The paint apps look non-existent at first besides the eyes and teeth but the figure has a lightly painted stomach. It’s not that exciting, but more little snakes are always fun – especially given Indy’s fear of them!

Of all the packs first released in Adventure Heroes, this one is probably the least exciting.  Indiana Jones isn’t in his classic clothes and Marion’s face really bothers me. Sure the snake is a nice touch, but it just doesn’t feel like a necessity. But at least the pack doesn’t feel like a rip off.

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May 30th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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