G.I. Joe Combat Heroes Review: Bazooka & Firefly

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This pack has two of the G.I. Joe B-listers: Bazooka and Firefly. Both of these figures seem to be at odds with their respective teams. One of them is a bumbling idiot and the other one seems overqualified for his job.

For an elite fighting team that is made up of the best of the best, Bazooka seems out of place. He’s basically the guy that learned you can destroy most things with a bazooka with minimal training and some how ended up getting into an elite military group. Honestly, I think he was someone’s cousin and they let him in as a favor.

Taking the name of his favorite weapon, Bazooka isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. Or maybe he is and it’s just some elaborate cover up in deception. But come on, who is going to take a guy wearing a football jersey and carrying and bazooka bigger than a person seriously?

The G.I. Joe dress code seems to allow for a lot of personalization but Bazooka takes it a tad too far. He’s a guy wearing a Steve Grogan jersey, cargo pants, bracelets and a helmet! I understand Snake Eyes getting to dress however the hell he wants because he’s a ninja, but letting a guy wear a football jersey into the battlefield? Come on!

Bazooka’s bazooka is a massive piece of weaponry about the size of Heroes-style female figure. It’s giant and loaded with a red and white missile. His backpack is just cast in the same green plastic as his legs and helmet but is also loaded with three additional rounds for his bazooka.

Bazooka has the standard four points of articulation: head, arms and waist. But his giant bazooka really throws off his balance and makes him hard to stand. His paint is well done with one exception: his shoulders. The blue and white stripes are an uneven mess that just look odd.

To help out Cobra in their fight, this pack contains the elusive mercenary known as Firefly. Obsessed with explosions and keeping his identity a secret, Firefly comes off as being one of the most competent members of Cobra.

Cobra’s residential demolitions expert, Firefly actually understands concepts like urban camouflage. Instead of the hideous neon oranges and blues worn by the Alley Vipers, Firefly is wearing dull gray on gray. Crouching down on the ground and looking to the side, the figure’s pose immediately shows that this is a guy who is ready for a fight but wants to avoid one.

Firefly is clutching a pack of dynamite in his left hand while his right hand is holding a bright green machine gun that looks a little odd. The details on his straps and backpack though are exceptional and really look like his original toy’s, only scaled down. While his backpack is solid gray, it has tools, a radio and explosives all sculpted into it!

The rest of Firefly is pretty basic, he’s a guy in a full body suit for covert operations so he isn’t going to be too exciting to look at. His face is just two eyes while the rest is covered. The paint on his eyes make them look too far apart, like they’re on the side of his head.

The rest of the paint is decent. Firefly has gray gloves, boots, belt and backpack. The rest of his suit is a light gray with dark gray splotches – oddly enough the inside of his right arm isn’t painted. He’s got Cobra decals on both shoulders. The only real color on Firefly comes from his vibrantly green gun and his handful of dynamite. Firefly moves at the waist, shoulders and neck, but the neck is cut at an odd angle so he looks best when looking to his side, not straight ahead.

Bazooka was portrayed as the bumbling idiot in the G.I. Joe team while Firefly was the all work, no play type in Cobra. In terms of a fair fight, this pack is anything but. While I don’t care for Bazooka, he’s accurate to a fault and Firefly is a solid figure.

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May 27th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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