G.I. Joe Combat Heroes Review: Zartan & Snake Eyes with Lil’ Timber

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A pack containing a ninja and an archer sounds like it should come with Hawkeye. But this G.I. Joe Combat Heroes pack rounds out the first wave by bringing a two variants and a fantastic mercenary to the table.

Snake Eyes first debuted as the SDCC ’08 exclusive to show off the then upcoming Combat Heroes line. But while that version was all black, this version of Snake Eyes got a new coat of paint and some different pieces.

The sculpt on this version of Snake Eyes is identical to the SDCC release with two exceptions: his sword and his backpack. He’s traded in his scimitar for a katana which matches his history as a ninja much more. The other change is the addition of a backpack and scabbard.

The backpack looks good but makes his waist movement almost useless. Without the waist, Snake Eyes is left with only his arms and right wrist for articulation.

The biggest change to the figure is the new coat of paint. Snake Eyes dropped his black outfit for a dark gray one with light gray details. His grenades are bright green while his Uzi and katana are black. It allows for a more interesting visual look that matches up with the idea of these being kids’ toys, so they’re more colorful.

Instead of coming with full sized Timber, Snake Eyes comes with a different version of his pet wolf: Lil’ Timber! About an inch tall, Lil’ Timber is adorable. An oversized head with a mouth holding a dagger, a floppy ear and big blue eyes makes a super cute accessory. Lil’ Timber is unarticulated but well painted just like his bigger counterpart. Grab the two snakes from Adventure Heroes and Timber can fight Cobra on his own!

Cobra’s sent their master of disguise to fight, Zartan! A mercenary (which seems to make up everyone in Cobra besides Cobra Commander), Zartan is a master of languages, disguise and even ventriloquism! Though for a guy who claims he can blend in anywhere, he’s certainly got a taste for the theatrical.

Zartan’s outfit is anything but subtle. He wears a brown hood, has half his head covered in black paint while wearing a tank top with the stomach cut off. Yep, no one would ever suspect a thing with that kind of outfit. Zartan’s original toy was loved by kids because of the color changing plastic! While the Combat Heroes version of the villain lacks that, Hasbro made an attempt to make him unique.

Zartan’s whole figure is cast in clear plastic. His arms, head and most of his legs are painted but his torso and thigh pads are translucent. It looks great and makes the figure feel different.

Another thing that sets Zartan apart from other characters is his preferred weapon: the bow and arrow. In a world where laser guns are the norm (and almost always miss), Zartan’s bow seems archaic but it just looks good. His bow is modern with rivets and bolts sculpted in. The arrow is attached to the bow, but is made to look like it’s knocked by his left hand.

For the most part, Zartan’s paint is well done. His arms and legs are great but his bare stomach could use another coat, since the translucent blue shows through. Another area of issue for the figure is his hood: it is glued on but is sometimes crooked. Zartan moves at the waist, shoulders and neck.

While Snake Eyes is a repaint, he’s a cartoon accurate one so it’s got that nostalgic pull going for it. Zartan is a fun figure and really sets himself apart from the other figures. Throw in the Lil’ Timber and this is a pack that just works very well on all levels.

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Written by jestergoblin

May 31st, 2010 at 12:00 am

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