Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Collector’s Pack #1

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When the Super Hero Squad was first starting out, there weren’t repaints and with the exception of Spider-Man, no character had more than two versions released. But in the summer of 2007, Hasbro decided to repaint eight figures and release them in a cardboard carrying case. So the first Collector’s Pack was sold.

All eight figures in this pack had been released at least once before, but instead of just doing straight repacks, all of them got new paint jobs to make them different and, in some cases, a whole new character.

One thing about Daredevil that always seemed odd was how nice his costume looked for a blind guy. But the solid red outfit wasn’t always the standard. When Daredevil first debuted he wore a garish yellow and maroon piece. The figure is identical to the first one released with the exception of his paint job.

First Appearance Daredevil looks fantastic. The bright yellows and dark maroons clash horribly while his red details shine out. The figure is still on the doughy side, but this is a guy just starting out as a super hero so he isn’t going to be chiseled as can be from the get go. Daredevil moves at the shoulders and waist.

Next up is the original hothead: Johnny Storm – the Human Torch! Johnny already had two versions of this figure released: the orange one with Silver Surfer and the clear one with Galactus. Both of those figures are better than this unarticulated one.

Johnny is only kind of on fire. The flames coming off his head, hands and feet is bright yellow while the rest of the figure is painted in his classic blue and white costume. The paint looks good but that costume just doesn’t hold up after all these years. Johnny looks like a guy who is on fire, not a guy made of fire!

Like Johnny, the Hulk already has gotten two releases of this very same sculpt. He’s giant, pinheaded and for some unknown reason sporting 5 toes. Hulk still moves at the shoulders and waist and his face is still filled with rage.

The paint has made Hulk a darker shade of green and gave him a different pair of pants. His pants are a dark cyan that look kind of like jeans. If you don’t own a Hulk, this one is perfectly fine just not terribly exciting.

The lone villain in this set is Dark Phoenix. A cosmic force of chaos and rebirth, the Dark Phoenix spawned a saga named after her in the 80s. Representing Jean Grey once she lost control of the Phoenix Force, the Dark Phoenix destroyed worlds.

This version of the Phoenix only has two differences from the first release: her suit is red instead of green and her eyes are solid white. Those two little things make this figure feel brand new and utterly fantastic. I remember being young and playing in my friend’s sandbox with a team of bad guys lead by Green Goblin and the Dark Phoenix. This figure brings me back to those days.

This figure marks the first time Spider-Man appeared in the main Super Hero Squad line! A repaint of the movie Spider-Man that came with Ultimate Rhino, Spidey got a new coat of paint to make him look more like his comic book counterpart.

The reds and blues on his costume are much more vibrant and look like the webhead while the raised webbing is painted black. The lines of webbing look a little too thick while the marks around his white eyes look too thin for the comic book version. The figure’s still got a fantastic pose going for him though with him crouching on the ground.

Another member of the Fantastic Four is accounted for with the inclusion of Benjamin Grimm, the ever-lovin’ blue-eyed Thing! A repaint of his wave 3 figure, Ben really benefitted from a new coat of paint. His rocky hide is a perfect shade of orange with just enough of a wash to make the cracks look good.

From the waist down, the Thing is also in a classic version of his uniform. He’s wearing white boots and a belt with blue pants. I prefer the modern black and blue look, but this version of the Thing looks good. The one issue is the white paint used scuffs up very easily. But at least this pack allows kids to pit the Hulk against the Thing on their own!

The only really new character in this set is a repaint of Captain America. With the first release of the figure, I said the face looks off for Cap. He looked too crazy, and this figure explains why. With his blue paint done in black and some slightly different details, the figure is completely changed into U.S. Agent!

U.S. Agent looks great. Some aspects of his costume are slightly streamlined, like the giant star in the center of his chest on and the simple circles on his shield. His abdomen looks a little odd since it’s sculpted with Cap’s stripes that are just painted black. But overall, it’s a fantastic repaint job.

The final repaint is of Iron Man. But instead of just being shinier or his stealth armor, this version is done up as War Machine! A basic repaint really, all of Tony that was gold is now silver and all that was red is now black. It’s simple and works fairly well as a stand in, but it doesn’t really look like War Machine once you go beyond the colors.

War Machine’s arc reactor is yellow, allowing with his repulsors instead the red they usually are. Oddly though, the figure’s eyes are cartoony but red. The biggest problem though is the complete lack of weaponry for War Machine. Without a shoulder mounted rocket launcher, he’s just Iron Man in different paint.

The other part of this set is the packaging itself. It doubles as a playset and a carrying case which is pretty ingenious. The playset scene is pretty simple, a cross section of a building and a cityscape. The inside of the building is a gym, a lab, a conference room and even a chimney at the top. It’s not much, but it’s solid for cardboard and even includes a handle for carrying which makes it great for transporting.

When this pack first debuted, it was $30 which was high since two-packs were only $6 at the time. But shortly after, it went on sale for $20. While all the figures are repaints, they’re all good toys. It’s great for collectors who want Dark Phoenix, First Appearance Daredevil and U.S. Agent. For kids, this includes the big names like Spider-Man and the Hulk! Eight figures, even if they’re all repaints, and a carrying case made it a great deal and a solid foundation for an instant collection. I just can’t believe they didn’t include Wolverine somehow!

Super Hero Squad Collector’s Packs

Collector’s Pack #1
Spider-Man, Dark Phoenix, War Machine, US Agent, Human Torch, The Thing, First Appearance Daredevil, the Hulk
Collector’s Pack #2
Spider-Man, Silver Surfer, Professor X, Kitty Pryde, Wolverine, Iceman, Juggernaut & Cyclops
Collector’s Pack #3
Spider-Man, Diamond Emma Frost, Iron Man, Falcon, Mr. Fantastic, Ultimate Hulk
Collector’s Pack #4
Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Enchantress, Loki & Frost Giant

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