Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Rogue & Gambit

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The tale of two lovers who can’t be together has been told time and time again. From Romeo and Juliet to Jacob and Bella, the story for forbidden love is one that always will be retold. The X-Men had their couple: Rogue and Gambit!

This pack is the bane of many collectors because it was under produced and only released once, making it one of if not the hardest pack to track down. Is it worth the effort to find for yourself or for your kids? Honestly, it isn’t.

The ragin’ Cajun Gambit is one of the more modern additions to the X-Men mythos. Created only 20 years ago, which is fairly modern by comics standards, Gambit grew quickly in prominence during the 90s. But Gambit was created in the 90s and his costume clearly shows.

Gambit wears a trench coat over his spandex purple and pink uniform. Throw in the massive metal boots he wears and he’s got a costume that doesn’t make any sense at all. I mean, he wears gloves that leave his index and pinky fingers uncovered! He’s even wearing some weird headdress that lets his ears and hair poke out. It’s like someone really messed up making Captain America‘s helmet. He’s even sporting an ear to ear grin that looks completely out of character. Gambit smirks, he doesn’t grin like a goof!

Beyond the hideous eyesore of a costume, this Gambit figure has one very weird pose. In an attempt to make the figure full of kinetic energy, Gambit is leaning forward. Instead of looking totally awesome, he looks like a klutz that tripped. To show off his skills, Gambit is holding his metal staff in his right hand and an ace in his left. Gambit moves at the shoulders and is articulated at the waist but his coat prevents it from moving.

The biggest issue on Gambit though is his paint. His silver boots, belt, collar and staff are fine. As is the purple and hot pink used on his chest. The jacket isn’t bad either. The biggest issue is the color of his skin and the color of his eyes.

Gambit’s from the south, so it would make sense for him to be somewhat tanner than the average X-Man. But this version is beyond tan. He’s almost as brown as his jacket. The other issue is his eyes. Gambit’s always had weird eyes; they’re black instead of white and have red irises. This figure had white eyes and red irises.

Paired up with Gambit is his on-again-off-again girlfriend that he can’t touch: Rogue! The misfit that can steal powers and memories with a touch and seems to constantly be switching ages, Rogue has been around the Marvel Universe for a while now.

Rogue is wearing her costume that was designed by Jim Lee: a yellow and green spandex outfit with a leather jacket worn over it. No wonder she and Gambit liked each other, it must be hard to find someone else who can rock the leather over spandex look.

Rogue is unarticulated like most Super Hero Squad females. From the neck down, her costume is well sculpted. Her oversized feet allow for stability. Her leather jacket has rolled up sleeves and she’s even got her belt that serves no purpose.

The paint on Rogue’s costume is fairly clean with only a few coverage issues around the knees. The greens stand out nicely against the yellows and her brown jacket and belt look good. Even the X emblems on her chest and belt are painted perfectly.

Rogue’s head is fairly well done. She’s sporting her headband and has her characteristic white streaks in her hair. Even the paint is well done. But she doesn’t really look like Rogue. The face looks far too young and plain. Rogue’s supposed to be attractive!

Neither of these figures are bad, but a few changes in paint could have gone a long way. If Gambit got out of the sun and had a card that looked like it was being charged by his powers, he’d be much better. As for Rogue, something as simple as a pair of lightly painted lips could have gone a long way. But how often are you going to get a pack of toys that have two people in leather jackets over spandex?

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June 3rd, 2010 at 12:00 am

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