Transformers Robot Heroes Review: Unicron & Optimus Prime with the Matrix of Leadership

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The legend of Unicron has grown over the years. The Transformer the size of a planet that devours moons and home worlds whole, Unicron faced almost two decades of difficulty getting made into a toy. His sheer size made it near impossible, but Transformers Armada finally took the plunge and released a giant Unicron figure. So when he came out for Robot Heroes, I don’t think anyone was expecting him to be so small.

Instead of being a Mega sized figure like the Sentinel or Galactus, Unicron is the average size for a figure. In fact, he’s shorter than Destro! This is a figure that deserved to be as big as Galactus for one reason: he is Galactus. In Fantastic Four #262 this was said of the World Devourer:

And if his herald brought fear, imagine if you can the terror, the blind, unreasoning panic that now rips through the assemblage. A million and more alien eyes look upon him who is Galactus, and for each race the vision differs. For Galactus is truly no longer a being in the absolute sense, physical sense. He is as Odin named him, a force of nature. And each mind that views him struggles as best it can to perceive that unguessable force as an image it can comprehend.

That’s why Galactus looks like some absurd guy in a purple helmet, because human minds perceive him as a big human that’s dressed like a super villain. It also explains why his costume changes in odd ways at times, because the human mind is trying to rationalize it.

So when a Transformer sees a Ravager of Worlds approach, they’re not going to see a guy in a purple helmet. They’re going to see a giant Transformer. So Unicron is just how a different species sees him, as a giant robot that transforms into a planet.

So while Unicron is grossly undersized, the figure does look like a miniature version of the cosmic devourer. All the important details are there from the beard, mustache, horns to the wings and claws. What’s amazing is how intricate Unicron’s sculpt is. Instead of being flat like most Transformers, Unicron’s surface looks like that of the Technodrome, a jigsaw of parts and pieces which looks great.

Often viewed as a fallen god, Unicron has several features that suggest divinity and power on him. His skeletal wings hang off his shoulders while his face is surrounded by a high collar. His hands and feet are both clawed. Unicron only moves at the shoulders.

For all of Unicron’s elaborate sculpt, he’s lacking in paint. The figure is orange plastic, a color that always looks like it’s plastic. His hands, toes and face are done in silver while his boots, collar and crotch are dark gray. His green eyes are barely noticeable while the red on his chest is pretty much invisible. A simple black wash would have gone a long way to make the sculpt stand out.

In the movie, it was Rodimus Prime that defeated Unicron but this pack creates an alternate history of events and includes Optimus Prime with the Matrix of Leadership gripped in both hands where it rightfully belongs.

Optimus is identical to the first release of his figure except for the arms. He looks like Optimus and has a decent sculpt but it looks a tad cartoony when compared to Unicron’s intricate sculpt.

Optimus’s new arms are pulling the Matrix in front of his chest, since it is the one item that can stop him. Yeah, the Matrix of Leadership is the same thing as the Ultimate Nullifier. His arms can move up and down, but are connected so there isn’t much movement. Prime also moves at the neck.

The Matrix of Leadership is most covered by the clear blue, unremovable, flash of light coming out of it. You can see a distorted view of it through the plastic, but it would have been nice if it were just the plain Matrix. The Matrix is also way too big to possible fit in Optimus’s chest. The gold paint on the Matrix looks fine, as does the rest of the paint on the figure.

This two-pack makes a lot of sense and no sense at all at the same time. Packing Unicron up with Optimus Prime makes perfect sense but the rest of these packs have been based on Transformers: the Movie and this is a pairing that never occurred. Throw in the horribly out of scale Unicron, and this pack seems kind of odd. Unicron is a figure that deserved the Mega-scale treatment (especially more than Ultimate Hulk)! Neither figure is bad but this set just doesn’t seem to work. If you really want a Unicron for your Robot Heroes to fight, track down the giant Armada one.

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June 2nd, 2010 at 12:00 am

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