Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Dr. Strange & Ant-Man

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The first two waves of the Super Hero Squad did a great job at creating the foundations for two of Marvel’s greatest teams: the X-Men and the Avengers! But for some reason, one of the Avengers’ founding members was absent. Thankfully, this has been corrected with Wave 5, or has it? Yeah, it probably has.

Ant-Man is a complicated character that sadly will always be remembered for one thing: being Hank Pym. And everyone remembers Hank Pym because he beats his wife. And because he probably suffers from dissociative identity disorder, since he’s got more super hero identities than the Wasp has outfits.

He’s been known as Yellowjacket, Goliath, Giant-Man and most recently the Wasp but he was originally Ant-Man: the super scientist that could shrink and talk to ants thank to his helmet! But this toy might not actually be Henry Pym, he could also be Ant-Man II – Scott Lang! But that’s probably not the case.

Ant-Man first debuted in Tales to Astonish #27, over a year and a half before the first Avengers comic was released. Since he’s originally a scientist, one major thing jumps about his figure: he’s ripped. This figure is bulkier than Captain America which is really impressive for a guy who spends half his time in a lab.

Ant-Man’s one of those guys who only became a super hero because he tested his experiments on himself, so with the power to shrink down it’s a little odd that this figure is so normal sized. Ant-Man wears a red and blue costume with an odd empty black emblem on his chest and a massive silver helmet.

The edges of his gloves are zig-zaggy like his boots. But there are two major issues with this character’s sculpt: the pose and the head. Ant-Man’s giant barrel of a chest had arms that connect at weird angles. His right arm is drawn up, like he’s ready to hit someone while his left is in a grabbing pose. Like Cyclops, this means if his arms are in an odd pose, they look broken.

The second issue with the figure’s sculpt is that helmet. It’s a giant piece of unremovable plastic about the size of his torso. It’s mostly well sculpted with those odd antennae, but the face underneath bothers me. The eyes are fine and properly spaced but the smile is terrifyingly long. It’s like the Joker is back there without any make up!

Ant-Man moves at the shoulders and waist. The paint is a tad problematic on the figure. The applied decals like the H on his belt, the black pattern on his chest and the eyes are all clean and centered. But the silver on his helmet bleeds onto his chest, while the ridges of his gloves and boots fluctuate between blue and red with poorly applied paint applications.

Sometimes a member of the Avengers but best known as being the Sorcerer Supreme is Doctor Strange! A guardian of Earth from mystical forces, Dr. Stephen Strange was once a gifted but egotistical surgeon who lost the use of his hands in an accident. He then learned the mystical arts and became a sorcerer, so that worked.

Doctor Strange looks like he belongs with some Galactic Heroes. He’s got the bow legged stance and only really moves at the shoulders (his waist is articulated but his cape blocks it). All the parts of Dr. Strange’s costume are accounted for. He’s wearing his Cloak of Levitation while the Orb of Agamotto hangs off his neck.

Strange’s sleeves look appropriately billowy while his high collar comes up behind his head. His pants look like dress slacks and his sash is sculpted. The face even looks good with a very intense look and a slight smile on his face.

The one area of his sculpt that disappoints me is the hands. Dr. Strange always is going strange hand motions when casting spells, but this figure just has the most boring hands possible. It’s like he’s waiting for a double high five.

The paint on Dr. Strange is clean and doesn’t suffer from any of the same flaws as Ant-Man. His pants are black with no bleeding to his yellow sash. His cape is fantastic with a perfect trim. Even the Orb of Agamotto and his gloves are detailed. The one issue with the paint is on the head. There’s an ever so slight coat of gray paint on the temples. Strange is supposed to have hair like Reed Richards, but it isn’t quite right this time either.

Like most of Wave 5, this pack is near impossible to find. Ant-Man isn’t a good figure though. His pose and size feel out of character and I’d rather get an Ant-Man that is super tiny and sculpted onto an existing figure – like Hawkeye’s bow! As for Dr. Strange, he feels out dated and with a new version of him coming out soon, it’s worth waiting. Though I do think it’s impressive to include both the former Sorcerer Supreme and the Scientist Supreme in the same set.

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