G.I. Joe Combat Heroes Review: Destro & Scarlett

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The first wave of G.I. Joe Combat Heroes did a solid job of filling out the ranks of both sides. But there were a few glaring omissions of characters essential to the stories: the metal headed arms dealer and the redheaded archer.

Laird James McCullen Destro XXIV, better known as just Destro, is the main weapons supplier for Cobra. Almost every absurd weapon from laser guns that can’t hit to grenades that don’t explode, is produced by Military Armament Research Syndicate (M.A.R.S.). Destro comes from a long history of weapon dealers that sold weapons to both sides (and often intentionally started wars just to sell more weapons). So while he’s often associated with Cobra, he’d be more than willing to backstab them if it meant making more money.

While Destro provides all the weapons for Cobra, he’s most recognizable for his mask. The metal mask is one worn as a symbol of pride in the family. So in order to make his toy look right, Hasbro really only had to hit a few notes. The big ones are the giant silver head and being shirtless.

The first thing about Destro is how massive this figure is. He’s not Hulk sized, but he towers over other heroes figures like Captain America. Destro’s outfit is fairly basic for the most part. He’s wearing a black jump suit with a red holster strapped to his leg with an odd belt and single suspender.

But the most important visual parts are there too. Destro is wearing massive metal gloves that are each armed. His right hand has built in rocket launchers while his left has a trio of grenades attached. His necklace is there too along with his massive metal covered head. His head looks great and is appropriately oversized with exaggerated details which make perfect sense for a mask. Following the theme of Combat Heroes having excellent articulation, Destro moves at the waist, shoulders and neck, but it’s somewhat limited by his collar.

Since Destro is mostly black, any misapplied reds or silvers would be very noticeable. All of the figure’s paint is incredibly well done. His boots are glossier black, while the red holster, weapons and collar all look good. His head and hands are painted silver but aren’t glossy. He’s even got a Cobra insignia on his left shoulder, so right now he’s on that side.

Destro’s bare chest is showing through too in that odd orangey color making it impossible to figure out what ethnicity he’s supposed to be, or he just really likes spray tans or light orange undershirts. The one odd thing is that Destro has lime green eyes. It helps make him look less human, but doesn’t seem to have any sort of precedent.

Following the theme of “one of us, one of them,” Destro comes packed with the G.I. Joe’s redheaded archer: Scarlett! Originally the token love interest for Duke, she then ended up with Snake Eyes. But Scarlett is much more than just the generic female in the G.I. Joe group, she’s also responsible for a whole generation of boys liking redheads!

Scarlett, like Zartan, eschews the traditional use of guns in favor of a compact crossbow. So with her being primarily an archer, her outfit is streamlined to accommodate.

She’s wearing her classic uniform which has gotten some minor recoloring. Instead of being tan and blue, this one is tan and lavender because Gung Ho isn’t the only one who looks good in pastels. Scarlett’s outfit doesn’t make the most sense, it’s got boots, gloves and essentially a one-piece bathing suit worn over leggings. Something tells me this isn’t standard issue.

To show off her role as an archer, Scarlett is clutching her compact crossbow in her left hand, while her quiver is sculpted into her back. As for her background, Scarlett was trained from a young age various martial arts and it shows by including two throwing stars on her left glove. Scarlett moves at the shoulders and neck, but her ponytail limits the movement.

Scarlett’s hair is pulled back in the iconic ponytail and her face is absolutely perfect. After several attempts like Wasp and Rogue that just failed to properly grasp the look of the character, Scarlett looks really good. Her green eyes are perfectly centered, and her lips are bright red which I think works well given the cartoony style of the figure.

The paint on Scarlett works well with her sculpt. The breaks between the tan and lavender parts of her costume are clean, while the silver on her throwing stars, arrows and belt buckle add some extra color. Throw in a dark gray crossbow and you’ve got a fantastic looking figure.

But as great as she looks, Scarlett suffers from having poor balance issues like Elektra. Her crossbow is huge compared to the rest of the figure and can easily throw off her balance and send her tumbling to the ground.

This two pack does a great job at filling out a few more of the holes in both team’s lineups. Destro is a fantastically massive figure that looks like the Scottish arms dealer, while Scarlett is a near perfect figure. If you’re a fan, this pack is worth grabbing.

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June 4th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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