Spider-Man Super Hero Squad Review: Spider-Man & the Lizard

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By going back through all of the Super Hero Squad figures, I’m amazed how often I’m surprised by a figure. For several years now, I remember the Lizard figure as having bulging, cartoony eyes that looked out of place but now that I’ve got him back in my hands, it’s totally different.

The first wave of Spider-Man Super Hero Squad dealt solely with characters from the movies, while the second wave finished up the movie villains and dipped a toe into the Ultimate Universe. So when Wave 3 started showing up, Hasbro began digging around the Spider-Man mythos for some new animal themed baddies for Spidey to fight.

While the Lizard never appeared in the Spider-Man films, his alter ego did. Dr. Kurt Connors was one of Peter’s biology professors. A gifted surgeon, Connors lost his arm in a war zone and had to change careers. He became obsessed with regeneration and researched reptiles in hopes of discovering a way. Instead, he injected himself with a formula that turned him into a giant lizard with superhuman strength and powers.

The Lizard is an amalgam of several different species and it shows in the figure’s sculpt. He’s got large clawed feet, an alligator like tail and a forked tongue. His skin is lumpy and scaled while his claws are large and look inhuman.

To go along with the scientist by day, giant mutant lizard by night theme, the Lizard is wearing ragged remains of his clothes. He’s got a ratty lab coat with a rip for his tail along with tattered shirt and pants. Lizard moves at the shoulders and slightly at the waist.

The paint on the figure’s clothes is rather boring. His lab coat is a light gray while his undershirt is a surprisingly clean white. And Connors evidently shops at the same place as Bruce Banner because he’s wearing purple pants! The paint on his skin is very well done as a dark forest green, while his neck is airbrushed as a yellowy-green-orange color. The Lizards teeth and eyes are a dull white, while his tongue is bright pink. The only paint issue is on his left foot – his black claw spills all over his foot.

Since these packs always insist in including Spider-Man in them, at least this one comes with a new version of the webhead. From the neck up, this version looks to be heavily inspired by Todd McFarlane’s design. He’s got the giant eyes that take up a third of his face. But from the neck down, he looks way too bulky.

Here’s a figure that can look over the head of Captain America which seems odd. Throw in a torso that looks way too wide and feet that look like ski boots, and you’ve got a disproportionate Spider-Man.

Spider-Man is always facing to the right since he lacks neck articulation. His arms move at the shoulders, but only look right in a single pose like Cyclops.

Spidey is still painted like his movie counterpart, so he’s in red and navy with silver webbing. The paint is mostly fine, but a few areas of the webbing are on the sloppy side, especially around his face.

This Spider-Man figure isn’t really bad, it just isn’t that good. The Lizard is a fine figure though some may complain that he doesn’t look enough like the classic Lizard. For me, he’s a giant Lizard in a lab coat and the rest are minor details that don’t really matter as much.

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June 5th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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