Spider-Man Super Hero Squad Review: Spider-Man & Scorpion

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Spider-Man, like Batman, seems to attracted a mess of animal themed villains. Sure, Green Goblin doesn’t fall into that category but for every Goblin you’ve got a rhino, octopus or giant lizard. Even Venom’s got the spider-theme and he’s an alien! But while Venom seems like the bad version of Spidey, he wasn’t the first.

Mac Gargan was a private investigator hired by none other than Peter Parker’s boss, J. Jonah Jameson to find out how Peter got such amazing photos of Spider-Man. After failing at that, Jameson signed up the enrage Gargan for an experimental treatment to give him super powers.

Armed with powers similar to Spider-Man, like sticking to walls and super strength, Gargan is often portrayed as a generic thug instead of the cold, calculating P.I. he should be. Over the years, Scorpion has kept his general look the same: a giant green guy with a tail but for some reason Hasbro went with Scorpion’s modern look instead of a variation of his classic one.

This version of Scorpion is based off his look from Secret War (no, not Secret Wars). After being augmented by Lucia von Bardas, the ruler of Latveria since Doom was preoccupied by being literally in Hell, Scorpion got an outfit that is much more technology based.

In a two-toned costume and a pose that looks like it came straight out of the Galactic Heroes line, Scorpion looks a little stiff. His whole suit is an assortment of overlapping plates and mechanical parts. It’s well sculpted but it looks more like Colossus instead of the Scorpion. Another odd aspect is that the face is completely exposed, I guess Gargan gave up on the secret identity thing.

Gargan’s arms hang out to the side but are at least articulated. One hand is in a fist while the other is grasping for nothing. oddly enough, his fingers aren’t clawed. Coming out of his butt is his mechanical tail. It curves up and just barely peaks over his head. His tail rotates at the base.

The paint on the figure isn’t bad, but it doesn’t seem like the Scorpion who should be a mess of bright greens. This one is blue and aqua almost, making him look more aquatic than he should. His exposed face is well painted  but his mouth is lacking his characteristic fangs and his eyes are just boring.

Since this is Spider-Man’s Super Hero Squad, it’s obvious that he gets included in the pack. This version is an amalgam of McFarlane Spidey and the movie version. So he’s got giant eyes, raised silver webbing and one odd pose.

Spidey is leaning over while turning to his right. His left hand is drawing a punch while his right is palm out. It looks like he’s about to get in a fight but Spidey has never been one for this kind of battle.

Spider-Man moves at the shoulders only but the web design on his shoulders makes most poses look wrong. He can turn his right hand palm up to it looks like he’s challenging his opponent but that just seems out of character.

The paint is fine everywhere but the head. The red is more vibrant than usual, while the navy blue is glossy. The silver webbing is missing the sculpted lines on the neck and looks odd. Also the black outline on his right eye it thinner than the left eye, so it looks off when you see both eyes. Throw in the fact that this Spider-Man has balance issues and he’s not a good figure.

Spider-Man Super Hero Squad as a whole shows that Hasbro is willing to try something new with their figures, but after 8 packs and 8 different Spider-Man figures being released, it’s tedious. The Spider-Man figures seem to be really hit or miss and in this case, it’s a bad miss. As for the Scorpion, the figure’s got the general idea down of who the character is but the odd outfit (mostly the colors) makes for a figure that’s only okay.

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Written by jestergoblin

June 9th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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