G.I. Joe Combat Heroes Review: Serpentor & Beachhead

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It’s interesting to think what may have been if the G.I. Joe animated movie didn’t get heavily edited because of Transformers. Both movies originally had similar plots, good guys get defeated, a new bad guy appears and the status quo changes. So while Unicron showed up and changed everything before being defeated, Serpentor didn’t change a whole lot and decided to stick around.

Serpentor was created to be the ultimate leader. A clone made of the top leaders in all of history, Serpentor was made to lead Cobra to victory as a figure head. Instead, Serpentor thought he should replace Cobra Commander and began fighting him for power.

Serpentor’s wearing an outfit that makes you wonder. Wearing a hood with a king cobra motif, scaled armor and a cape he certainly looks unique. Once you get past the absurdity of it, he actually looks pretty good. His whole outfit is covered in little touches that show off him being the leader of Cobra. His head is covered by a snake helm, his chest has two intertwined snakes, his left gauntlet is even a snake head! It’s a great look for the crazy super villain!

One area where Serpentor suffers though is balance. His heavy cape and rather large headpiece all make the figure very back heavy. Serpentor moves at the shoulders and barely at the neck and waist. It is a nice touch though that his head is separate from his cowl. The paint on Serpentor as a whole is well done, but a few areas of yellow have spotty coverage.

Paired up with Serpentor is the closest thing to his opposite from G.I. Joe. Beachhead (or Beach Head or even Beach-Head depending on the copywriter that day) is the all-work-no-play member of the Joes. If you’re not doing the best you can do, you’re failing in his eyes. While he seems harsh, he’s always the first Joe running into battle and the last one out providing cover for his teammates, so he’s the guy to have covering your back.

Beachhead normally shares his mold with Firefly, but this time he’s all on his own. Wearing a green sweater with a matching balaclava, camouflaged pants and serious combat boots, Beachhead looks like he’s ready for action. But that’s the big issue with Beachhead, while he always looks ready for action he’ll never get to fight.

Because this figure cannot move. He’s sporting 4 points of articulation, the neck, waist and shoulders but his design makes it impossible for him to actually move! His gun locks his legs, which in turn locks his other arm that also locks his head in place. Each joint can maybe move a few degrees, that’s it. He’s lucky though because he looks good in the pose he’s trapped in for eternity.

While Serpentor has balancing issues and Beachhead has been petrified by the basilisk, this is a great two-pack. If you’re a fan of G.I. Joe, then little more needs to be said (unless you hate Serpentor), but for kids these two figures are just fun toys. A guy who dresses up like a giant snake and wears a cape? Throw in a few of the cobra toys and you’ve got an instant super villain! As for Beachhead, he’ll look fantastic on either side of a conflict. Need a generic bad guy? He’s there! Need a special-ops guy for the good guys? He’s great for that too.

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June 14th, 2010 at 8:33 pm

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