Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Logan & X-Cycle

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Super hero secret identities are a tricky thing. Either the hero makes the choice to hide their identity to protect the ones they love (like Peter Parker) or the hero makes a big public statement saying who they are and why they do what they do (like Tony Stark). But there is a third group, the one that just doesn’t care and Wolverine falls into that category.

Logan marks the first full “civilian” figure that has been released in the Super Hero Squad. Gone is the leather and spandex and his outfit is replaced with the most basic of basics – cowboy boots, jeans and a tank top. It’s not the most exciting look for the hero but it matches his “I don’t really care” approach to life.

Logan’s got an odd stance that makes him look bowlegged, but at least he has a reason for it. His wide stance is to make him able to accommodate riding on his motorcycle. Logan’s got minimal articulation, just the shoulders which allow him to grip the handle bar with his right hand while his left drags his claws along the ground.

One area of Wolverine that seems a little odd is his face. The Super Hero Squad figures are designed to be cute versions of popular characters, but Logan looks a little too cute. His raised eyebrows and windswept hair all seem kind of odd and far too well manicured.

In an odd twist of fate, Wolverine comes with the first motorcycle in the Super Hero Squad. Yes, the clawed mutant gets his X-Cycle before Ghost Rider gets a chance to ride his. Now that seems really unfair.

The X-Cycle is a straight forward motorcycle toy. It’s painted with yellow and black tiger stripes that evoke Wolverine’s costume. There’s an X logo on each side too. Even the wheels spin but the handlebars are locked so there won’t be any steering. All in all, it’s a decent little bike.

But there is one problem with the X-Cycle – balance. The bike is lacking any sort of kickstand so it just topples over and the wheels aren’t well balanced so getting it to stand is near impossible. It’s okay for playing and displaying, but the lack of stability takes it down a notch.

Getting a civilian version of Logan is great, hopefully this means more civilian characters will get released down the road. Logan looks decent but isn’t ground breaking, while the X-Cycle is a fine first attempt at a motorcycle that leaves room for improvement. Now if only Ghost Rider had been designed so he could actually ride it.

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June 15th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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